There are many ways to embrace Youth Entrepreneurship and here are Five Steps to jumpstart your adventure as a Youth Entrepreneur.


Step One – Know Your Why

Knowing why you want to do something in the first place will make all the difference as you go forward in whatever course of action you wish to take.

If you do not know your “Why” then you will not have the proper motivation to go forward and to strive through the hard times when things get tough. And trust me, dear readers, things will get tough.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a simple task. It is definitely a much more enjoyable method of business and lifestyle, however it is not for those who are lazy and do not wish to put in the hard work to gain success.

Knowing why you are going to build your own business is crucial in everything you are about to do. You as the entrepreneur are the general of an army yet to be built and you have the prowess to raise an empire and become great.

However, just like each and every great leader of the world who deserved to rule, they first must prove themselves strong enough to lead their kingdom. Know your why, and then you will have a clear path on which you wish to take to greatness and the promise of becoming stronger as a person.


Step Two – Follow Your Passion

The next thing you will need to know how to do is to take your “Why” and make sure that it aligns with your passions. If these two elements do not match up, dear readers, you will lose your balance and become easily confused or disappointed in your work. Even if something is a great idea and sounds amazing to you.

Before you pick it up and run with it, first ask yourself this simple question:

“Does this idea inspire me when I hear about it? Does it make me happy when I see other people who do it? Do my emotions increase with joy when I talk about it?”

The Three Stars Formula of Passion

Remember this formula for finding a passion…

Hearing – Seeing – Talking

And in some cases Smelling if you are passionate about cooking


Step Three – Consistency

As it is true in so many ways, I assume each of you have learned this truth as a fact in life. Without consistency we can never get from one point to another. If a man looks across the river and says to himself, “I must go there to reach the other side,” how can the man get from his side of the river to the other unless he takes diligent Action?

Without acting upon our desires, they are no more than empty hopes and dreams with no form of reality. Only when we take action every day to achieve our goals in life can we ever fulfill them.


Step Four – One Step At A Time

Do not be hasty, for so many people are hindered by paralysis by analysis. If we look too much into the future and all the scary amounts of hard work and struggle it will take to reach our dreams, it becomes very tempting to procrastinate or even give up entirely.

We must move like an ant, one inch or step at a time. Do not focus on the entire conquest of the war all at once–focus on each battle as its own domain and then defeat your enemy through clear thought and clarity of mind. Rome was not built in a day.


Step Five – Turn A Problem Into A Solution

Learning to turn a problem into its own solution is one of the greatest skills anyone in the world can ever learn how to do. It requires a different kind of mindset that turns a negative statement into a positive question.


From “I can’t” to “How can I?”

By making this simple little shift in our own terminology, we empower ourselves over the surface mindless frequency of typical Americans who are controlled and dominated by primal pleasure, living only by their desire for satisfaction and temporary relief for stress or emotion.

By turning a problem into a solution we are able to bend reality to our own will and determine, for the most part, the outcome of each situation as we see fit. This of course includes many things from love, wealth, fame, influence, family, and much much more.

Taking this approach to life’s attacks is the surest way to teach you great skills of strategy as you navigate through life’s battlefield and to make you a youth entrepreneur.

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