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Innovative Entrepreneurial Curriculum

Your high school student can learn how to start a business from the ground up. This manual and workbook will lead your teen in the process of building a successful business and teach him to become an entrepreneur. Meant for the whole family, this curriculum can help anyone who is serious about creating financial freedom by tapping into their God-given talents and callings. You will get step-by-step knowledge on how to start a business, DIY graphic design secrets that you will not get anywhere else, and encouragement for your future based on God’s Word and promises for your lives. It’s something you can use over and over again for each business, project, and family member. The whole course can easily be fit within two semesters and includes ideas for further study in the workbook. Now available at an introductory price!

Crack the Poetry Code

Now you can discover the secrets of poets! Unlock them today through this expansive study that will help your students thoroughly understand poetry, both for reading and writing. Includes many extras like notebooking pages, essay forms, and classical poet lesson plans. Here is one satisfied parent’s comment: “I’ve used this resource for the guided, in-depth examination of poetry required by my older students. Graphic guides make this e-book inclusive to all learning abilities. I’m always on the look-out for materials that will help my more mature students overcome their language challenges with learning disabilities. This resource is a gem.”


Discover the Fun of Poetry with this Unit Study

Learn poet secrets and expand your children’s language arts‘ skills! Your children will learn how to effectively write poetry through over 40 activities, a reading comprehension program, over 20 notebooking pages, and much more! Plus, your advanced student will study classical poetry while learning college-level aspects of this important art form.

Build a Solid Foundation

Our curriculum will make a difference in your children’s lives, whether it helps them succeed as an entrepreneur or learn the fundamentals of poetry.

Bible Based

All our work is Christ-centered and will inspire you and your children to become closer to Him.

Easy to Follow

Directions are clear so you can spend more time enjoying your children rather than stressing about teaching.

Discover the value of play with our Enrichment Programs

Play is becoming a lost art. Don’t let that happen to your child no matter what their age! We specialize in life-changing, transformational enrichment programs that include play-based learning and multi-subjects like history, art, exercise, acting, and more.

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