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With over 25 years of experience in graphic design, Dana, the founder of AngelArts, excels in creativity, production, and technical know-how. She can take your vision and make it into a reality. Most of all, she can guide you into making the best choices so your project will exceed your expectations and get the results you are looking for.

And now her son, Sam, joins her in this adventure as her apprentice. He brings a fresh new perspective and talent as a young creative to the team.

What we do

We help you reach new heights in your business and beyond! From helping you to discover your unique authentic brand identity to logo design, marketing material design, Web graphics design to handling all production facets of your book publishing project including cover design that gets noticed in a crowded marketplace. So that you realize your dreams of being a wildly successful business owner.

Brand Identity

We help you build your brand based on your authentic identity through a process of discovery, thorough analysis, and strategic implementation. This will help you attract customers and build a connection and strong bond with them so that your message is effectively communicated. Want to know more about branding? Go to our blog at https://brandidentitymentor.com to learn more!

Logo Design

Your logo is a creative visual expression of your brand. Dana Susan Beasley, the art director of theAngelArts’ creative design agency along with her talented son, Sam Beasley, will produce a logo for you based on your brand and your marketing goals. Logo design is more than putting something pretty up. It’s about communicating a message so you stand out above the crowd.

Identity Collateral Design

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, return labels, brochures, presentations, and Web graphics are important elements of your brand. Consistency will build a bond of trust with your customers so that they become loyal brand advocates not just consumers. That will help you succeed!


Business Strategy

Planning strategically will make the difference between failure and success. Dana will help you develop your business, brand, and marketing strategy so that you will achieve your goals. She will also help you work through mindset blocks that hold you back.

Book Design

Becoming an author is a strategic way to establish yourself as an expert. And it is a dream for so many aspiring writers. Dana, along with her apprentice (her son, Sam) will design your book–both interior and cover–so you attract new prospects to you. And with every cover design we provide a 3D file! Dana will also provide Kindle Direct Publishing setup services, as well as, with the help of professional HTML editors if needed, produce your Kindle ebook. She approaches each project as a chance to create new art and designs with the goal of communicating your message effectively.

Editing and Proofreading

A book project needs a careful eye, one that has skill for editing and proofreading. From finding the mistakes in logic or flow to making the writing a stronger piece, Dana and her team have an acumen for helping to shape books that are well done and appealing. Your book will shine and make an impact, making you the expert. Or making your dream of becoming a fiction author come true!

Creative. Different. Stand Out. Dare to Dazzle

Our creative design agency has one goal and vision–for you to succeed and be thrilled with your project. We truly will help you reach new heights in your business and beyond!

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Why we are different

Experience. Skill. Artistic Eye. Creativity. Design knowledge. Certification as a digital marketer. Branding strategist. All these traits make Dana a graphic artist, editor, and writer that will help you stand out above the crowd so you can experience success. Her empathy, trustworthiness, and integrity mean that you can count on her and her team to help you soar. That’s because Dana knows more than most how mindset can hold you back and she will help you avoid those pitfalls so you can achieve what God has called you to be, transforming your passions into profits. Then combine that with her apprentice’s creativity, fresh perspective, drawing skills, and eye for design and you have a winning combination that will mean your project will result in success. It will be something you will be THRILLED about!

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Our Skills

Our chief desire is that we bring glory to God with the work we do and serve those He brings to our agency. He gifted us and gave us these skills to serve others as a creative agency so that you will reach new heights in your business and beyond.
Dana has been passionate about writing, publishing, and design since she was 10 years old. That’s why she continually worked to hone her skills, to being an editor of her high school newspaper, editor and writer for her college yearbook, assistant editor and editor of her college arts anthology, and creator of her own Christian arts anthology in college. She graduated in 1990 with a BA in English/Creative Writing and a minor in journalism. She went on to become a graphic artist with The Navigators and completed numerous freelance graphic design during those years and since she became an independent business woman.
Sam Beasley has been drawing and illustrating since he was age 7. And he has been doing so in 3D since then. He showed an amazing acumen for creating illustrations on the computer as well as modeling. He’s a talented photographer and has assisted Dana many times in her designs. He has recently completed Dana’s graphic design program and has finished his first official design project–designing the cover of a fiction book and assisting with the interior design. Sam brings a fresh new perspective with his unique eye for art and his innate understanding of branding.
  • Branding – 100%
  • Digital Marketing – 100%
  • Graphic Design – 100%
  • Writing – 100%
  • Editing – 100%
  • Drawing & Illustrating – 100%
  • Computer Drawing – 100%
  • Graphic Design – 100%
  • 3D Modeling – 100%
  • Acumen for Branding
“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” — Steve Forbes

Award winning Design

Dana won the 2007 Colorado Balloon Classic logo contest. Her prize? Riding in a balloon! She took AngelArts to new heights that day!

Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Customer Acquisition Specialist

Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Certified Email Marketing Specialist

Certified Social & Community Specialist

From Our Clients
Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say…
Dana’s work is excellent, is very professional, thorough in everything she does!
Deborah S Nelson

Author, Author Your Dreams

“The choice to sign up for Brand Identity Quest seminar was a great investment of time. Dana is thorough, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about helping you to create and market your brand from start to finish. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been in business for a few years, this course will give you the step by step details you need to create your brand from scratch or redefine your brand. Sign up today and trust me you will not be disappointed. Thanks, Dana, for sharing your knowledge!”
Juanita E. Gaynor

Owner, Ellegant Affairs

“Marketing guru Dana Susan Beasley will help your business become a success with her Brand Identity Quest program. After reviewing her program, I realized that I spent years learning on my own what Dana succinctly covers in a matter of weeks. I recommend Brand Identity Quest to both start-up entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners looking to refine their marketing strategies.
Kathryn Porter

Author, Too Much Stuff

“From the time I met Dana, she has made it a point to be a help and a support to me both professionally and personally. During our talks, she gives me a lot of food for thought and helps me to wrangle my sometimes wild thoughts into something that makes sense.”
Tammie Polk

Author, Tammie Terrell Mompreneur Coaching

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Get Started in Your Own Business! Got Teens? Help Them, Too! Get your Viable Business Checklist and Journal today!

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