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Inspirational Arts & Products

Discover uniqueness! If you are looking for inspirational arts, publications, Bible devotionals, Autism acceptance gift items, art and greeting cards, original art, inspirational resources, speaking and music performances, gift/home decor items and more than you have come to the right place! From poetry books to gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry, we have everything to inspire you to reach new heights in your life and beyond!

Homeschooling Curriculum & Enrichment Programs

If you are looking to help your child discover their talents, if you want to find homeschooling curriculum–especially in the arts and literature- if you want your children to have fun with LARPing then this is the place! We have books, curriculum, resources, and our local Enrichment program Explorers Creativity Club where we Live Action Role Play, including summer camps. Our curriculum includes subjects such as entrepreneurialism, poetry unit studies, and we’re developing literature for reluctant readers. We will also have discovery classes in photography, social media, video, and more.

Branding, Publishing & Marketing Training & Services

Are you looking to start or improve your business through branding, graphic arts services, strategic planning, and training? Are you wanting to publish a book and need services such as editing and interior and cover book design? Are you looking to have a logo, identity collateral, or marketing materials designed? Are you wanting to gain knowledge as a business owner in digital marketing and branding so you can learn how to do it yourself or hire the work out more effectively?

What People Are Saying

“I loved going through your course [Brand Identity Quest], I learned a lot about myself and how to run a business at the same time. Now I am ready to put it all into practice and see where it goes.” Lee Ann

Crafter, Little Lite of Mine

“I’ve used this resource [Poetry Decoded] for the guided, in-depth examination of poetry required by my older students. Graphic guides make this e-book inclusive to all learning abilities. I’m always on the look-out for materials that will help my more mature students…” Maureen

Homeschool Mom

“My daughter picked this story [You Are A Blooming Original] and she loved it. It was encouraging to see my daughter excited about learning about Jesus.” Rachel

Homeschool Mom


Bible Devotional–Blooming Original Day 47

Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Seven! A little Bible Devotional tip--Enter His gates with praise (Psalm 100), so start your devotional with some praise songs. If you are a musician, this is a great way to worship Him with your art. If you are not...

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Bible Devotional–Blooming Original Day 46

Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Six! A little Bible Devotional tip--Don't have the energy for a quiet time? Listen to the album Inspiring Calm by John Mansfield. You can find it on iTunes. Day Forty-Six 2 Chronicles 20:6 Bible Devotional Thoughts...

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Bible Devotional–Blooming Original Day 45

Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Five! A little Bible Devotional tip--Use your journal to give your burdens to the Lord! In the next four days of our devotional guide, we will spend it in 2 Chronicles in 19 and 20, starting with an overview of the...

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Bible Devotional–Blooming Original Day 44

Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Four! A little Bible Devotional tip--Get some fresh air by taking a walk in the great outdoors! The sights and sounds will refresh you and God's creation will bring you closer to Him. Day Forty-Four ! Chronicles...

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Bible Devotional–Blooming Original Day 43

Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Three! A little Bible Devotional tip--Not sure what to study after this devotional guides ends? Think about a word you struggle with. Maybe it's trust. In, do a search for the word "trust." Print out...

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Bible Devotional–Blooming Original Day 42

Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Two! A little Bible Devotional tip--Sometimes you need a break from your regular plan! I love the method of flipping to a random page in your Bible and letting the Holy Spirit speak to you! Try it, you'll like it!...

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