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Branding. It’s grown in popularity with small business owners, but is it really understood? Making a brand is more than putting a pretty or cool logo up. It’s about thorough analysis and thoughtful planning. Corporations spend tens of thousands on branding. Why? Because they know a brand creates a connection with customers. Think about the brands you are loyal to. Returning customers are the lifeblood of business and corporations know this. That’s because people do business with PEOPLE they like, know, and trust. What money are you leaving off the table by not investing in YOUR brand today? For resources, check out our resources page and Brand Identity Mentor blog.

To help you as a business owner, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, we have training and courses to help you on your journey. What do we have to offer? First, there’s our flagship course, Brand Identity Quest. It’s a basic do-it-yourself course to help you plan your business, create a logo, produce a business card, and design a Web banner. In the future, we will be adding courses such as a practical way to discover your callings and passions, advanced Brand Identity Quest class, sales funnel courses, and training on Websites. We’ll also have Webinars, video training courses, and more so be sure to sign up for the updates at the bottom of this page.

Tell Your Story With Your Brand

A winning communication strategy that will help increase your market visibility
 is essential in today’s marketplace. A knowledge of your passions, callings, and vision
 will bring you clarity in what you want to accomplish and WHY. That’s why you need marketing and branding strategic plans
, a compelling vision of your brand
, an effective logo, slogan, and the best business name for YOU

Who Are Our Courses For?

  • Startup Entrepreneurs who need guidance in launching their businesses
  • Experienced business owners who are looking to refresh their brand
  • Mothers who want to find supplemental income or come home to stay with the children
  • Fathers who want to go from the corporate world to self-employed
  • Teens who want to discover their passions and callings
  • Graduating college students and young adults who want to launch out on their own

Take Your Business to the Next Level

An effective brand costs companies thousands and tens of thousands of dollars! A brand is your most valuable asset! Invest in it and yourself by taking this one-of-a-kind online course! The result? Increased leads, conversions, sales, and PROFITS! And most of all, a sizzling future, one that is dazzling and bright!

Our Courses, Training, and Mentoring Opportunities

Brand Identity Quest Tutorial Lesson Series

A 14-week course that comes in your inbox. Step-by-step instructions to help you launch your business the smart way. You’ll come away with a business plan, marketing plan, brand plan, business name, slogan, logo, business card, and Web banner. This is affordable because it’s a tutorial and DIY. Click here to learn more.

Discover Your Callings & Passions

Coming soon. A 5-Day Video course on discovering your passions and callings. AngelArts founder Dana Susan Beasley will take you on a discovery process that will help you reach new heights in your life and beyond!

Brand Identity Makeover

Sometimes the best decision for a business owner or aspiring business owner is to delegate. That’s why we offer a mentoring package that is highly flexible. You decide how much coaching you want and when and how much you want to outsource, whether the logo, business card, identity collateral, or Web banner. Click here to learn more.

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Happy Subscribers

    “You have to take this course if you are serious about starting your business. It taught me so much that I am still applying little bits of it here and there in my business. It helped me start my blog/business off to a good start.”

      Clarinda Olenslager

      Owner, Natural Family Living

    “Filling out the document for lesson one was so beneficial, the questions are so thought provoking and it helped me tremendously to get a consistent vision. While each question is different, they are connected so I found myself going back to previous questions to make adjustments as I worked on it. I feel so much better. I tend to be very scattered and overwhelmed. I confess I am also an over thinker, but working on your programs keeps me organized and focused. I can do this, I can have a vision and make it happen!”

      Paula Poblette

      Technical Guru, Techno Angel

    100% happy with the product and the service and would recommend Dana to anyone.”

      • John Jarvis

        Sakura Project

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              Your Guidebook to a Thriving Economy for Authors and Writers

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              Coming soon: VIP Days

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              Coming soon: Video course on callings

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