Looking to grow in entrepreneurial skills? Start with risk taking and stepping out of your comfort zone!

In this blog, I explore the critical concept of stepping out of your comfort zone, with a specific focus on growing entrepreneurial skills. I delve into the importance of pushing boundaries, taking calculated risks, and breaking the typical mold, all in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success. Drawing from real-life experiences, I highlight the significance of daring to step out of your comfort zone, and the role it plays in cultivating the skills necessary to thrive in the entrepreneurial world as well as to grow as a person. And most of all, how taking risks helps you become closer to the Lord.


Understanding Entrepreneurial Skills: A Brief Overview

Business enthusiasts often dream of launching a start-up and enjoying the fruits of their success as an entrepreneur. However, it’s essential to understand that being an entrepreneur is more than just having a ground-breaking business idea. It requires an array of crucial entrepreneurial skills for managing and driving the business toward success. These entrepreneurial skills are indispensable in your growth journey as they provide a firm base to navigate through various complexities and challenges that you may encounter while running your business.

One of these entrepreneurial skills is learning to get out of your comfort zone, of stretching yourself.


The Importance of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

The importance of stepping out of your comfort zone cannot be overstated. This is because growing as an individual and achieving our highest potential is fueled by the need to step out, be bold, and face the unknown. Often, residing in our comfort zones makes life seem easy and safe; however, it also hinders personal growth, innovation, creativity, and satisfying experiences. When you step out of your comfort zone, you are setting yourself on a path of self-discovery where you get to understand more about your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and fears.

And most of all, it brings you to utter dependence on God.

While it might be scary at first due to the fear of failing or being judged negatively by others; every time we push against these boundaries we build our bravery muscles. And our faith muscles. This increases confidence in dealing with life’s twists and turns. It helps us in the future to try new things that scare us. It allows us to expand our limits and increase our capacity for risk-taking which can lead us into amazing new ventures – both professionally and personally – that we never before thought possible. Facing new challenges helps develop resilience while overcoming them instills a sense of achievement and fulfillment within ourselves which leads to contentment in life. And most of all, further trust in our Lord and Savior.

This skill is vital to teach your kids as it’s not only an entrepreneurial skill, it is a LIFE skill!

I know for me getting out of my comfort zones has been rather like peeling an onion. There are layers upon layers to discover and experience. Years ago, I was afraid to step out of my own comfort zones, like creating videos. Now I love it. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do!

Embracing new challenges is how I’ve grown over the last 20 years since I started my business. And my son has watched me grow. So when the time came for him to decide what he was going to do with his life, he decided to follow in my footsteps of being an entrepreneur. Getting out of my comfort zone was worth it!

Identifying Your Comfort Zone: Is it Holding You Back?

Identifying your comfort zone is crucial in personal development because it could be a cage that’s holding you back from achieving your true potential. It could also hold your children back. Your comfort zone refers to the psychological state in which things feel familiar, which provides mental security. In this condition, stress and anxiety are minimized, and risk is kept at bay. While the name implies ‘comfort,’ and we all enjoy a bit of relaxation and predictability in our lives, too much can actually hinder our growth.

Lurking within this comfort bubble may seem an attractive proposition – after all, who doesn’t love feeling safe? However, the reality is that an over-reliance on this perceived safety can lead to stagnation in multiple aspects of life – professional development, social relationships, personal enrichment, and especially spiritual. Staying within your comfort zone for too long might mean missing out on invaluable experiences and opportunities to learn new skills or form new relationships. It’s akin to reading just one page of an entire book; there’s so much more beyond what’s comfortable!

It reminds me of a risk I took early on in my business—I decided to enter a logo contest for our local balloon festival. I was sick that day but I decided to get it done so 15 minutes before the deadline I turned in my three designs. I thought surely they weren’t very good as I struggled with confidence.

logo designA few days later I received a letter: I had won! When I went back to meet with the owner of the company, she said that day of the deadline she and her assistant were very disappointed in the entries they received until they saw my designs. They wanted to run out and chase me down and said I won but they didn’t want to scare me!

My prize—I got to ride in a balloon! My company and I reached new heights that day!


Turning Fear into Fuel: Embracing Challenges and Risk-taking

Every great achievement in human history began with someone daring to step outside their comfort zone, confronting their fears, and embracing the challenges. Whether it be personal accomplishments or colossal societal progress, none of them have been born out of complacency or a fear-based mindset. The road to self-improvement and success is unquestionably filled with potential risks and daunting challenges, but it’s necessary to understand that fear should not be an inhibitor but rather a catalyst that initiates action. Turning fear into fuel means transforming anxiety into an empowering force driving us toward our goals. And that will bring us closer to Jesus.

Risk-taking is often synonymous with courage. This doesn’t mean asking oneself to be fearless without any consideration for the consequences but rather means acknowledging the possibilities of failures while still having the audacity to take a leap of faith toward your aspirations. Embracing challenges is about accepting imperfection as part of being human and viewing every obstacle as an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves. This sharpens our resilience in the face of our challenges. Remember, every time you choose courage over comfort; you’re not just challenging your limits but also expanding them. In this transformative process, what was once considered ‘fear’ gradually becomes your ‘fuel,’ propelling you toward growth and success like never before.

And this is an important lesson for your children to learn and if you are modeling this entrepreneurial skill of getting out off our comfort zones, all the better.

My son got to watch this close and personal these last few months. I had an agonizing decision to make after an unexpected opportunity turned up. I was extremely nervous about saying yes. Was it because something was wrong or was I just afraid to get out of my comfort zone?

Well, it turned out that this opportunity was not a good one at all and I decided to turn it down. But I learned so much in the process. It grew my confidence in new ways and I realized once again that what I do and what I offer has value. I am a different woman and a stronger business person because of it!

Concluding Thoughts on Embracing Change in the World of Business

As I finish my thoughts on getting out of your comfort zones, it’s clear that taking risks is an important part of growth personally, professionally, and spiritually. Companies that refuse to innovate could fall behind and eventually become obsolete in today’s dynamic marketplace. And if you have employees, embracing change and taking risks also entails a receptive mindset where they feel secure enough to share their ideas, take risks, and learn from failures. It encourages continuous growth and learning which are key ingredients for long-term success. And wouldn’t it be the same for your kids?

In the end, the business world is changing fast, thanks to advancements in technology, shifts in market demands, and global trends, among other factors. To thrive in this ever-evolving landscape, businesses should take a proactive approach instead of waiting to react. It’s all about creating strategies that can flex and adapt when needed, rather than sticking stubbornly to old ways of doing things. Instead of fearing change, businesses should embrace it as a chance to grow and develop. Change allows us to pick up new skills, come up with fresh ideas, and ultimately provide more value to our customers and stakeholders. So, let’s see change as a powerful driver of success!

And this all starts with getting out of our comfort zones. So try it today and you’ll learn a valuable entrepreneurial skill.

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