Welcome to Day Fourteen

A little devotional tip–Walgreens is a great place to buy journals!

Day Fourteen

Deuteronomy 7:13

Devotional Thoughts

Sometimes all I can do is live on faith. I feel pressed in my all sides. I feel crushed and full of anxiety.

But I do not belong to myself. I am in a committed relationship with Jesus. I am His bride.

He will love me and bless me and multiply me. I will experience prosperity.

Right now I am in a dar place. I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, downright scared.

But He knows and has a plan.

I can only cling to Him and trust Him.

You might be in a similar situation. Whatever your circumstances, cling to Him and trust Him. What do you have to lose? And more importantly, what choice do you have?


Just concentrate on next steps today and everyday.


Dear Lord, thank you for loving us and blessing us. We pray that you would multiply us and that we would be fruitful.

Call to Action

One of the reasons I’m starting this devotional is to ask for others to intentionally pray for our business, AngelArts.

Pray that AngelArts would have a lasting impact on many and through our programs, products, and services people would be inspired and want to become “multipliers” themselves. Pray that our Business as Ministry (BAM) would be fruitful and multiply, especially in terms of those who believe in our vision and want to be a part of it so we can reach even more people with the message of God’s redeeming love.

Would you like to be even more involved? Join our AngelArts Support Prayer Team! Click here to join today!

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