Okay, so here’s a controversy for you… When it comes to naming your business, which one is better: persona or personal name brand?

Okay, let me define these for you before you decide:

1) Persona is a made up word or a descriptive word of a business.

Here are some examples:

Pet Pride
Rose Gal

A persona is directly tied to the essence of the business it’s function, and personality.

2) Personal Name Brand is using an actual name:

George Foreman
Vera Wang

A personal name brand actually brands the person behind the brand.

So which one is better?

Well, that depends!

That really depends on your personality, your business, your preferences, and what excites you.

I created my brand AngelArts because I had a picture of me as a baby with an angel halo my mom put on me and I was wearing a white gown reaching up to play the piano.

I have always been reaching for new heights throughout my whole life and tried to be the best person I can be, though I have failed many times.

And my highest aspiration is for my art to be a vehicle for God’s glory.

I wasn’t interested in branding my name. When my husband started his business, he preferred a descriptive name as well, so he came up with Essential Pillar Architecture. It fits him like a glove!

But others prefer personal name brands and that’s ok. That’s especially true for coaches, influencers, freelancers, designers, and artists.

It is harder, in my opinion, to build a personal name brand because it’s hard to make it catchy and memorable as opposed to a persona brand. It’s also harder to get your name searched on the Internet as opposed to a more functional descriptive word when you’re just starting out.

For instance, how would a person who had never heard of my husband Travis’ name know what to search for if he had never heard of him?

But if he is searching for a local architect and I have done my proper SEO work, his firm will come up.

Of course, you can do a combination. Like my husband could have made his business “Travis Beasley Architects.” But that didn’t appeal to him.

And even if you choose a persona brand, your name is still important. After all, people don’t do business with BUSINESSES, they do business with PEOPLE they like, know, and trust. A person’s face and name is a key selling factor when it comes to making a purchase or hiring for a project.

So whatever you choose—persona or personal name brand—if you put some thought behind it you will be a winner!


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