Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Three!

A little Bible Devotional tip–Not sure what to study after this devotional guides ends? Think about a word you struggle with. Maybe it’s trust. In, do a search for the word “trust.” Print out the results. Trust me, you will have a wonderful devotional plan to study for many months!

Day Forty-Three

2 Kings 19:14

Bible Devotional Thoughts

How many times have you received bad news, gone through a bad situation, or faced hurdles great and vast but thought you could handle it all on your own strength? I’m raising my hand, too!

Or more likely, at least in my case, believed God would not hear my cries for deliverance because He doesn’t care for me.

I think of one of my favorite shows, SG-1. In a particular episode I’m thinking about Teel’c. He is playing a simulation game in a virtual reality chair. It learns from his own mind and he is in a deep unconscious state as he plays.

The game will not finish until Teel’c has complete victory over the Goa’uld, the enemy that threatens to enslave all mankind and indeed all races.

But there is a big problem. Teel’c does not believe deep down that he can defeat the enemy! His body is weakening and he’s close to death as he is caught in this endless loop of fighting this battle…

His SG-1 teammates realize this and so sends in Daniel Jackson o help Teel’c defeat the Goa’uld, which they finally do together. The game ends and Teel’c finally comes out of this deep unconscious state.

This story touches me because I can so relate to it. Many times, I feel hopeless against defeating the enemy and so I’m stuck in endless loops.

But God. He comes to deliver us. Hezekiah was in an impossible situation. He brought the letter of doom from Sennacherib before God and prayed for deliverance. God showed up and Hezekiah didn’t have to do anything. God fought the battle through his angels and Sennacherib’s sons killed their father. God’s grace wins every time.

So whatever issue you face, bring it before the Lord and ask for deliverance. Believe and act on the fact that He has and will grant you what you request.

Application of Bible Devotional

Whatever that “thing” is, bring it before the Lord and ask for deliverance.


Dear Lord, when we are faced with opposition and we have a crisis, we take it before you–and give it to you! Amen.

Call to Action

One of the reasons I’m starting this Bible Devotional is to ask for others to intentionally pray for our business, AngelArts.

Pray that my team and I will steadfastly believe that God can do the impossible in and through us!

Would you like prayer? Please respond with a prayer request and our team will pray for you in our next staff meeting! We did this last night and it was such a blessing to us! And join the group so we can be reminded to pray for you on a regular basis!

And new! If you join the Prayer Team, we have created a private Discord channel where we can pray together! Discord is a great tool for connecting and much more secure than FB Messenger.

Would you like to be even more involved? Join our AngelArts Support Prayer Team! Click here to join today!

Has this message touched you today? Leave a comment and share what God is doing in your life and then share this blog to someone who needs this special touch by God!

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