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Fine Art, Jewelry and Gifts

Looking for unique gifts? Are you an art enthusiast? Do you love original work made by artisans?  Our inspirational art, jewelry, decor, and gifts will definitely help you reach new heights in your life and beyond! Whether you are looking for an original painting, a unique set of jewelry, a greeting card, or a special gift box or basket, you will find it here!

Inspirational Books & Resources

Looking for encouragement, Christian growth, Bible devotionals? Poetry? Gift sets? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our resources, whether a physical book, ebook, Kindle book, or a video, will help you reach heights in your life and beyond!

Discover Uniqueness!

Original Work

Everything we do is an original created as a labor of love. Our artisans make their gifts with prayer and care! Whether it’s jewelry, fine art, a Bible devotional, or an art card, we make sure that it’s unique! We are not a place where you’ll find mass marketed products. But if you want to discover uniqueness you can find it here! Why do we have this value? Because every person is created uniquely, an original in the Creator’s eye. Our work reflects that.


Excellence in all we do is very important to us. Our purpose is to be vehicles for God’s glory. Therefore approaching what we do with a spirit of excellence is a key value in all our work. Long ago, AngelArts founder Dana realized the importance of excellence. Excellence is not perfection or perfectionism, but it is doing your best. So you won’t find cheesy Christian products here, but authentic works that make a difference. Because we truly want you to reach new heights in your life and artistry, too!


All we do is filled with prayer. From our jewelry designer Victoria who prays as she beads or wire wraps to the founder Dana who designs the books to the poet Nathen who writes. As a team, we pray for our business, our products and services, and most of all, our customers. And Nathen is our chaplain who helps us to reach new heights in our lives beyond so we can keep everything we do focused on Him. Because AngelArts is not merely a business, but a Business as Mission and our mission is to help the hurting become closer to Christ.


We are all about inspiration. No matter what life throws at us, there is always hope. And that’s why we exist. To extol the virtues of our loving Lord and Savior. To tell stories about His greatness or show His beauty through a painting or give someone who is sad some job. Bliss, refreshment, joy. This is what we are all about! Because we want to help the marginalized, the forgotten, those who are experiencing any kind of agony heal hurts, overcome obstacles, and cultivate community.

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