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Rise above the frenzy of life to discover a whole and GOOD and WONDERFUL life!

31-Day Blessings Journey Devotional



In this 31-Day Devotional available on Amazon as a Kindle version, be challenged to transform your stress into blessings. Learn how to look at life in a whole new way!


Got a plan?

Coming soon! A free Blessings Devotional plan that will give you a Scripture reading plan for months. You won’t have to wonder what to read on a day to day basis for your quiet times AND you will be extremely blessed as every verse contains the word bless, blessed, or blessings.

31-Day Blessings Journey Devotional


The paperback version includes ample space for journaling and it is 8×10. Purchase rom Amazon. Be challenged to transform your stress into blessings. Learn how to look at life in a whole new way!

Blessings Devotional Journal

A Devotional Journal that Will Transform Your Life

What makes the difference when it comes to transformation in your Christian walk? Hands down the most effective way to experience lasting growth is through regular time n the Bible. Also important is a spiritual discipline of thanksgiving, praise, surrender, intercession, and laying down your burdens at the foot of the cross. r

Want a Set?

Order both the 31-Day Blessings Journey Devotional and Devotional Journal! Tied in red tulle. Makes a great gift!


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