You may think that you don’t matter. But you do. God has given you a destiny, a mission in life to fulfill, and a talent that is the vehicle for this destiny.

It’s a vehicle to bring Him glory by serving others, by meeting their needs. Your task is to search for that.

To help your kids search for that. And you CAN find it! They can find it. You may be wondering how, and you may think that it’s not possible, but it is is. If I can find it, anyone can!

You may be wondering who this is for—this is for the homeschooling family who is living paycheck to paycheck and constantly running out of money before the month.It’s for the young person who has challenges and who does not see themselves getting a job or indeed wouldn’t even be able to get a job.

It’s for the teen who has a burning desire to be an entrepreneur.

It’s for the stay at home mom who wants to use her talents and gifts to help support her family but doesn’t know where to begin because she’s dedicated her whole life to the important job of raising her kids.

It may be for the dad who is tired of the corporate world and wants to come home to be with the family.

It could be for the college student or gap year student who is searching for answers and wants experience and cash flow now instead of waiting for that “perfect job” to come to them.

And you know what? It could be for ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!

Want to find out more? Watch this video. You will be encouraged and inspired!


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Photo by Sam Beasley

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