Welcome to Day Two! I hope you find this encouraging!

A little tip about reading the Scriptures: read it in context. That can mean a whole passage or a whole chapter.

Day Two

Exodus 18:17-27

Devotional Thoughts

The bigger the vision the more people required to help. “No man is an island.” Or a woman for that matter.

My main job as a disciple-maker and as founder of AngelArts is to recruit help and teach them the vision. To recruit able people who fear God, are men and women of truth who hate covetousness.

A pretty good qualifications list for any help you might need to look for!

To do “it” all by ourselves is to experience certain burnout and failure.

A good leader “stands before God for the people” and brings difficulties to God.

If we do this, we will endure and all people involved will have peace.


Do you have “do it all” syndrome? What do you need to delegate INSIDE your family and OUTSIDE your family and/or business? Use these character traits as a yardstick for finding help and bring the difficulties to God!


Lord, I cannot do this alone. I must appoint others to do the work with me. I must delegate. Help me find able and god-fearing people who can come alongside me. Amen.

Call to Action

One of the reasons I’m starting this devotional is to intentionally pray for our business, AngelArts.

Several years ago in the midst of hardship, I had a profound dream. That dream consisted of me being on top of a mountain. On my immediate left was Jesus/God. Then on his left for as far as I could see were other people, my friends. We slid down the mountain and went over many hurdles. Each time I would be afraid and then God would squeeze my hand and I would have the courage to go over it, finding it was actually quite fun!

I eventually landed into a pool like you would find in a water park. I was submerged in the water and drowning. It was at that point Jesus drew me out and I stood at the side of the pool feeling an incredible joy and accomplishment.

Would you pray along with us?

Dear Lord, help AngelArts find qualified, godly men and women to come alongside them so they can fulfill the mission you gave them and bring others to your Name. Amen. 

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