So you’ve seen a lot of posts from me lately as I’ve stepped up AngelArts’ marketing and you may be wondering, who is this crazy lady?

• Owner/Founder/Executive Director of AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency, Publishing House, and Enrichment Program

• Works with homeschooling families, mompreneurs, and Godpreneurs as well as aspiring authors

  • Helps aspiring entrepreneurs start and launch their businesses based on their passions and callings
  • Teaches traditional and digital marketing techniques including branding strategies
  • Graphic artist, writer, publisher, branding/digital marketing strategist

  • Homeschooled her Asperger son since he was in 2nd grade


  • Started 2 successful enrichment programs, including her highly popular Live Action Role Playing Club
  • Training her son to be her graphic arts and entrepreneurial apprentice
  • Course creator of Brand Identity Quest, business planning courses, and Family Economy Video Course
  • Publisher of a variety of books and curriculum

  • Helped her husband start and grow his business and is actively involved in marketing, sales, and operational management.

One of my certifications I received.

  • Certified in Digital Marketing
  • Taught graphic design and music at a homeschooling enrichment program in 2010
  • Worked at The Navigators from 1993-1998 as a graphic designer
  • BA in English/Creative Writing from Colorado State University
  • Lives in Colorado Springs with husband, son, and cat and dog

  • Loves hiking camping, interior decorating
  • Plays piano and guitar and sings and composes music
  • Huge fan of JRR Tolkien and C.S. Lewis
  • In the process of writing several fantasy novels

  • Avid Bigfoot researcher and YouTuber (Sasquatch Mom)

Alright, now that you know a bit about me, here’s what some of my colleagues say about me. Because I don’t want you to take my word for it!

“Dana has a great business sense and writes for her audience. She knows her topic and covers questions and concerns that every business owner and self-schooling parent has. Her insight is brilliant and her support is priceless. I’ve used many of her products and highly recommend her for your business needs or self-schooling products. I’m blessed to know her and have found her for my business.”—Linda H.

“My oldest daughter has worked through Dana’s video and print courses! Through her lessons, she gained the confidence to pursue her career as a graphic designer, which led to her releasing a coloring book, doing commission artwork on several sites, and studying app design. All of that started with Dana and her step by step system and encouragement!” —Tammie P.

online video courseI hope that answers the question of who is this person anyway and what qualifications does she have when I’ve been sharing my entrepreneurial course.

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