Here’s What’s Standing Between You and
Reaching Your Full Potential…

If you want to find those hidden latent talents and abilities within you and turn them into a sustaining and thriving small business to bring you the kind of life you’ve been dreaming about, then you need to read every word of this exciting letter, because it could change your life…

The Ultimate Startup Business Bundle is a comprehensive guide and business course to launching a business and becoming an entrepreneur. It includes foundational marketing principles, a graphic design tutorial, training on how to create a logo, business card, and Web banner, how to create a brand strategy plan, helpful worksheets, how to choose the best business for you, and so much more. It’s for your whole family–your children, teens, college students, young adults, and YOU!

homeschool entrepreneur curriculum

Trying To Start a Business or Help Your Teen Start One – But Not Getting The Results You Want? Looking for a business course for you or your teen or  young adult child? Do you feel stuck and like your gifts and skills are going to waste? Are you overwhelmed with the idea of starting a business or helping your child start one? Are you and/or your children looking for a side hustle? Are you looking for a way you can earn income while homeschooling your children?

I’m guessing you want results, and you want to get them as easily as possible. I’m also guessing you’ve been overwhelmed with many different options and want something that’s more “open and go.”

And I’m wondering if you’re one of those parents or teens or young adults who wants more for your life. You know what I’m talking about, right? You know there’s something more that you can give but it’s lying fallow and unused…you have a calling, a Holy Ambition, a dream, and you’re going nowhere fast!

You’ve tried:

  • learning yourself – but that just didn’t go anywhere.
  • taking free courses online – but that just confused you or your teen or young adult child even more..
  • You’ve even tried buying expensive entrepreneurial curriculum or courses – and found out the hard way that it wasn’t practical at all and you got nowhere.

It’s enough to make you want to give up.

But you didn’t – you opened this page so I know how committed you are to getting results.


Which is why I know you’ll want to get hold of of my special opportunity: The Ultimate Business Startup Bundle.

Here’s what you will learn when you order now:

  • You’ll discover the quickest and easiest ways to create opportunities so you can have stability and start earning income quickly.
  • You’ll know how to present your brand in an effective way.
  • You’ll find out what you’ve been doing that is actually sabotaging your results – and what you need to do instead.
  • You’ll be given a complete foundation on marketing principles and a graphic design tutorial that will jump start your launching a new successful business brand!
  • You’ll get my personal step-by-step curriculum for starting a business and building a brand!
  • You’ll have tools in your toolbox which includes worksheets that will give you a clear path to reaching your desired audience with a marketing message that will attract them to want to work or purchase from you WITHOUT chasing them away and feeling like a slimy sales person.
  • Be ready to launch your business with confidence and excitement!
  • You’ll know the steps to starting a business, have a guidemap, and be able to journal your progress giving you even more satisfaction and confidence!

And much, much more – this entrepreneurial starter kit gives you everything you need to start your own business to create your own economy!

  • How to discover your passions, callings, and vision
  • Business, career, and side hustle ideas for you and your family that you can get started on right away
  • Marketing and branding strategic plans
  • Graphic design and marketing skills
  • An effective way to get a vision of your brand
  • What is the best logo, slogan, and name for YOU
  • How to design and print a business card and Web banner
  • Teen and college student business ideas that they can get started with immediately and how that could translate into a lifelong pursuit empowering them to make a living and have a bright future.
  • Business ideas in categories of personality types so you can find the best fit uniquely tailored to YOU.

It’ll help you figure out the steps to starting a business and figuring out what KIND of business you or your teen or young adult child want to start based on passions and interests.

What do you get in this Ultimate Business Startup Bundle?

In the Bundle, you get the following:


Our flagship entrepreneurial digital curriculum. This is a proven system that has helped many families discover their talents and callings to turn them into a viable business brand ready to launch with a logo, business card, Web banner, and most importantly, a brand strategy plan to get visible to a target market. In the comprehensive guidebook manual, you get help discovering your passions and callings and translating that into a target market that WANTS your unique business products/services. You will get help naming your company, writing a slogan, and building a viable brand that will get noticed.



Grab Your Oar ebook series including a brand-new release! In these quick-read ebooks, you and your teens or young adult children can discover what businesses and/or careers they want to pursue. They have ideas for gig jobs your teens and college students can start immediately and how they can lead to a lifelong pursuit whether as a business or as an employee. In our latest release, you can discover your best business idea or career path according to your personality type as well as easy-to-implement home-based options.


Viable Business Checklist, 15 Proven Steps, and Grow My Economy Journal. Part of the problem with starting a business is knowing HOW to start it! We have eliminated that problem for you by providing a visual roadmap and a detailed step-by-step guide. You can record your progress in our interactive journal, which will give you confidence every step of the way!




Your Roadmap to Stellar Profits Worksheets. These five worksheets will give you an edge over your competition and get you success-ready at the get-go. These worksheets include an avatar worksheet on your ideal client or customer, before and after picture of your client or customer, YOUR before and after picture, and a handy place for you to list and plan your products and services.




This Ultimate Business Startup Bundle is for the whole family and includes interactive workbooks and worksheets that you can copy multiple times for multiple companies and multiple family members. If you are a leader of a co-op or college class, contact Dana at for group license rates.

Each one separately would cost:

Viable Business Checklist Bundle: Worth $17

Grab Your Oars Ebooks: Worth $34

Family Economy Digital Curriculum Set: Worth $87

Stellar Profits Worksheets: Worth $17

That totals up to $155 dollars

Think about it–a college entrepreneurialism class (and believe me these are college-level concepts broken down into easy to understand actionable steps so preteens to adults can understand them) would cost thousands of dollars.

This bundle includes practical, step-by-step guidance that will help you break down what could be overwhelming tasks into simple, achievable goals and assignments that you will succeed on, and then you will be ready to get that business off the ground with confidence and joy!

That would be worth the $155 investment for sure, especially when you consider you can do that for multiple businesses and multiple family members.

But I know how it is to struggle and I know that so many families are especially struggling right now. So this is what I will do.

The Viable Business Checklist I will give you for free.

So that makes the bundle worth $138 dollars. But I would give a further discount because it is a bundle so I plan on setting the retail price at $124.

But in celebration of my launch I want to make it as affordable as possible AND reach as many families as possible.

So for a limited time I am offering this bundle for 50% off.

That means you get it for $62!

My flagship digital curriculum alone is worth $87.

You get a ton more value for less. You’re ready to get that business launched and started.

You’re ready to find that hidden gem!

What are you waiting for? Purchase now because I won’t hold this price forever! In fact, it’s ending on May 31! The price will go to $124 on June 1.

Click the button below to order your Ultimate Business Startup Bundle!


Want to find out more about my curriculum? Keep reading!

Discover Entrepreneurialism as a Family through this Homeschooling Curriculum

Think of building a family economy like planting seeds. You will reap what you sow! And you will be building a legacy for your children and grandchildren!

Here are some other reasons to build your family economy:

  • Job security for you and your children
  • Spend more time with your children
  • Both spouses at home
  • Both spouses able to homeschool your children in freedom
  • Teach your children the value of work
  • Prepare your kids for the future
  • Depend on God alone for your finances
  • Live out your callings and achieve your dreams
  • Experience genuine family closeness
  • Be prepared for hard times
  • Bless others with your success
  • Don’t be trapped in a university college with overwhelming debt
  • Teach them real life leadership skills
  • Ride the rollercoaster wave of inflation, economic downturns, disasters, health problems, and more.

Invest in Your Family’s Future and Leave a Legacy

homeschool entrepreneurial curriculumIn this 211-page visual-and content-rich guidebook manual and corresponding 191-page workbook, you and your family will learn:

  • The 15 steps to launching a business

  • How to discover your passions, callings, and vision

  • Business ideas for you and your family

  • Marketing and branding strategic plans

  • Graphic design and marketing skills

  • An effective way to get a vision of your brand

  • What is the best logo, slogan, and name for YOU

  • How to design and print a business card and web banner

Graphic Design

A tutorial that teaches the basics so that your brand can stand out above the crowd.

Actionable Assignments

Easy to understand and follow directions so you get results

Step by Step

Created in a system that helps you launch the business of your dreams

Build a legacy for your whole family, especially your teens, with this comprehensive curriculum…

In this ever changing economy, everyone is talking about legacy and building generational wealth! Have you thought about your family legacy? Building something of your own is paramount to the survival of the family and you can do it with this…

And it’s more vital than ever to pass on this important skill to your teens and young adult children. In fact, it’s a good idea to practice this for yourself and teach it to your children as soon as possible no matter what age they are!

It’s more than paramount in these uncertain times. In the midst of the threat of increasing inflation, looming depression, and all the doom and gloom that constantly invades our peace of mind. So what would it mean to you if you could be confident knowing that your job security and your children’s job security is not threatened because you already work from home?! What if your teen could learn to be their own boss instead of earning minimum wage at their local Taco Bell they could be earning substantial money which will prepare them for their futures? And like many parents, you may have been forced to take up homeschooling. Entrepreneurialism and homeschooling is a perfect mix! It will help you to be able to AFFORD to homeschool. Your children at whatever age can learn, too!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I refer back to Family Economy often during my summer planning period, but all the more since my husband switched jobs and is now wanting to get into his own thing along with our oldest daughter. Family Economy is as a standalone program, yes, but it is also a great resource for those who need to get back on track and focus! Having this in my arsenal over the years has been a blessing and I recommend it to anyone needing help in these uncertain times.


Tammie T. Polk is a speaker, Goal and Dream Fulfillment Coach, and author of over 150 books including the award nominated Girl, Go Eat A COOKIE!…and then handle business! Her goal and joy is helping ambitious, creative, visionary moms who want to leave a legacy but are doubting themselves to see what’s possible.

I don’t have my business yet, but with the help of your {family economy} course I finally feel like I have a tangible plan to make it happen.

I’ve been “stuck” in the 9-5 for so many years and have tried many, many times to jump ship and start my own business. Until now, it’s always felt more like a distant dream than anything else. I think mostly because I’ve been barking up the wrong tree all this time and didn’t know it.

Your program has really helped me start to explore my calling (which oddly enough I’m discovering is not necessarily the same as things I enjoy/passions!).

But what I’m learning through this introspective process is that God is calling me to work with children (I’m a therapist). Not that I don’t like children-but if someone asked me what’s your passion-that’s not what would come first in my mind. (except my son) 🙂

So what I plan to do is combine the things I enjoy and feel are beneficial in working with kids who have various challenges (reading, dance, music, yoga, family health coaching…etc.).  I think my business will possibly be to start either a small art and nature-based therapy center or something along those lines. I also want to combine that with maybe an ecommerce store.  Lot’s of ideas swimming around in my head.


Nicole Armstrong

What’s in the Family Economy Curriculum?

The 20 Must-Answer Questions

that will ensure your brand is relevant to your customer. There is so much more to discover!

Step by Step Instructions

on how to write an effective slogan.

A truly inexpensive

online printing company (and they do GREAT work)!

More Chapters,

including the best paid and free design software and more Ideas to Spark Your Creativity! And much more!

The 20 questions

you must ask to unmask your identity. Again, there is so much more to discover about you and each member of your family. These questions are designed to help you gain that clarity I talked about, to help you and your family identify your passions and callings so you will find the best business fit for each of you.

How to Create a Photo

of yourself that will attract people to your business, not scare them away.

17 Lessons

that will help you develop a brand that screams professionalism, improves your bottom line, and gets YOU noticed! Your image will sizzle! And so will your family economy! You can easily divide this course into two semesters, having plenty of time for extra study like making business plans, marketing plans, etc.

Discovering the Two Keys

to effective logo design and using these three elements in your branding so you will soar above the competition every time.

3 Affordable Ways

to use your logo once you have it designed, including ideas to turn your brand into gold!

Resources and Help

to build a solid foundation for your family economy.

The Four Questions

to ask when deciding on a business name.

Using Typography, Color, and Artwork

in your logo that will make your brand sizzle. You will learn graphic design secrets!

Create an Opportunity!
Create a Family Economy that Will Empower You to Live Out God’s Callings for Your Life and for the Life of Your Children!

Years ago I had a vision of turning my branding know-how into a home study course. And later I turned it into a homeschooling curriculum for the whole family!


This is my step-by-step guide on how to make your family economy brand sizzle.


In this homeschooling curriculum meant for the whole family, you will get more information on my step by step system on how to launch successful businesses.


Not only that, but each page is infused with encouragement to seek out God’s callings for your life and for your children to do the same. It speaks about the role of faith in your life and how being an entrepreneur can bring you closer to Christ and to the person He made you to be.


Are you ready to create multiple streams of income for your whole family? Are you ready to embrace His callings for your life and for the life of your children? Because this curriculum will set you on a journey to build your family economy and discover your unique brand—


A brand that will sizzle!


And you will have a dazzling future! Because you will reach for God’s best for your life and for the life of your children as promised in Jeremiah 29:11.


Starting a new business is overwhelming, especially in today’s economy. Where do you even start?


I remember being overwhelmed when I was first learning about building a business, clear back to high school. I knew nothing then. But over the years, I absorbed, practiced, and excelled in logo design and Internet marketing and now I’m sharing those lessons learned and applied with you!


I excelled in logo design and branding because I combined creativity with marketing knowledge, technical production knowledge, and most of all my passion for helping people find their unique destiny in their lives. In other words, helping family businesses find a Unique Selling Proposition that gets them noticed!


And my clients get noticed because I know about the power of colors and what they communicate. I know how to get the best quality artwork for their graphics. I know how to turn a word into a picture and translate that into a logo and ultimately a brand.


This is the course I wish I could have taken clear back in high school! It would have helped me immensely as I navigated my way through career choices, often murky and hazy. I had no idea how to present myself!


In fact, this is a perfect course for your high school and college students or gap year students to take so they will have hope for their future! They, too, can start building their family economies!


This course is based on my education, the education commonly referred to as the school of hard knocks! It is based on my years of working for an in-house ad agency, and my years of experience as a freelancer, publisher, and Internet marketer.


And you are getting top-notch quality information in this course. Information most small business owners don’t have. Information based on proven logo and branding techniques that creative agencies employ for big-buck corporations!


You will definitely stand out from among the crowd and make your family economy sizzle!


It is truly advanced college level and beyond education presented in an easy to follow and understand manner.


And it will prepare your teens, college students, gap year students, and young adult children to take control of their futures, learn important marketing skills, and discover the fundamentals of graphic design.


Want to find out more about my Grab Your Oar ebooks and Viable Business bundle? Keep reading!

Grab Your Oars, 15 Proven Steps, Viable Business Checklist, and Grow My Economy Journal are a winning combination!


If you’ve ever wanted to start a micro business, figure out how to get some extra income, or start a full-time viable business that will give you financial freedom, then you’re going to want to read every word of this ebooks.

Maybe you thought it was impossible to use your passion or interests in life as a way to make a living. Maybe you have teens or young adult children who are just starting out in life and there seems to be nothing for them to do but futile jobs that don’t bring them much income. Or perhaps they don’t know what they want to be when they grow up or maybe even your child is not able to get a regular job due to a challenge like Autism or perhaps a medical condition… Let me start with a story…

My son, Sam Beasley

It was several years ago when my son, who was a teen at the time, came to me and said, “Mom, I don’t have an oar.” He went on to explain that the rest of our family had turned a passion into a viable income. Everyone except him. It got me to thinking. Though I had helped my husband start his business as well as other family members, I had not helped my son. What could I do? Especially since he has Aspergers and just “getting a job” was not going to happen? Nor did I want him to be on government benefits when I KNEW that he was talented and capable of earning an income! So what did I do? It became clear to us that his talents and passions were art and computers. I saw an aptitude for logo design and book design as well as 3D modeling. I observed what he did in his free time and that led to eventually making the connection: He could be my graphic design apprentice and eventually a 3D modeler for my husband, who is an architect! So that’s exactly what I did! I taught Sam graphic design using my entrepreneurial course. I helped him design several projects including logos and other graphics.

The book we designed together

Then came an opportunity—designing a cover and interior of a book. We landed our first joint book publishing project and he earned his first paycheck! Sam knew there was a better way to “get that oar” than a job that he wasn’t interested or even capable of holding. He knew there was a better way because he had seen me all his life help others start their own businesses, including his own dad. He knew there was a better way to make money than working at Taco Bell like I had done when a teen. Seems like other people could earn money from their passions just fine – so what was his problem? That’s when he asked me to help him and we made this marvelous discovery that instantly made it much easier for him to find a way to earn an income and feel better about himself.

Suddenly, instead of feeling hopeless and like he’d never realize his dreams (which of course includes buying his own car), he was embracing the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and learning the graphic design trade as my apprentice. And best of all, it was happening almost like magic. Yes, it felt THAT easy! Because it was a natural fit! What was this discovery?

Simple – Following your passions and turning them into a micro business and eventually a career path is not as complicated as one would think! Take a look at this proof: Teens CAN make it BIG as entrepreneurs! I love that this teen named Duarte passed up his chance to go to Colorado State because he knew college wasn’t for him. Don’t get me wrong. Colorado State is my alma matter and I LOVED college. But it’s not for everyone. I know that my son will most likely not go to college, and I’m fine with that. Even those who graduate from college end up many times in mundane jobs that have NOTHING to do with their degree. I myself became a secretary after graduating in 1990 with an English/Creative Writing degree. I eventually became a graphic designer. And that was because of an entrepreneurial endeavor I did in college! If I had had the knowledge and the amazing technology of the World Wide Web back then, I could have started a business after I graduated. That’s why I created these resources to help both teens and adults find their way in life to become entrepreneurs and to achieve that much easier and quicker than I did!

My entrepreneurial curriculum

That’s why I wrote my entrepreneurial curriculum in the first place. It started out as “Brand Identity Quest” and then became the book set I have today called Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy. Since then, I’ve helped a number of individuals and families start their own businesses and build their brands. That’s why I knew that one of the hardest obstacles to starting a business is knowing HOW To start and the exact STEPS to take. That’s why I created resources to help in this endeavor. This truly is a comprehensive and practical business course! I also have observed so many parents wondering how to help their teens and young adults make an income or get a job. Or parents themselves needing a job to make extra income. But sadly, this question is often NOT connected with their talents, passions, interests, gifts, skills… It’s often just a knee-jerk reaction to the problem of needing money and there’s no forethought into it. Like asking “What does my teen like to do? What do I like to do? What do I want my life to look like? What do they want? How can that be turned into a micro business to make money quickly and then how can I build that into a business that will sustain me for my lifetime?” Seem impossible? As I noted above, it certainly is NOT! There is a way forward and I’ve seen it happen over and over again both in my family and in my clients. And now, for the first time ever, I’m sharing these important resources that will help you start your business and help you with ideas on WHAT to start.

That’s why I included the 15 Proven Steps bundle, combined with an infographic I call the Viable Business Checklist and an interactive journal to record your progress. This is a surefire solution for going from not knowing how to start to knowing EXACTLY the steps you need to take.

And then I added the Grab Your Oar ebooks. Two quick-read PDFs that will help you and your family decide what career and business path to take in life.

it is a powerful, winning combination. Because you need to figure out what KIND of business to start and this can be a difficult decision, especially for teens and young adults. But even for moms and dads! These quick-read ebooks are the easiest way I know for understanding EXACTLY how to start a business and exactly what KIND of business to start both for short-term quick income and to build a future. My second book includes home business ideas as well as organizes careers by personality type. In addition, plenty of ideas for micro businesses are given in both these resources.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • You’ll get a simple step-by-step plan for starting your business.
  • You’ll find out which interests/passions will get you the best businesses for you—both for short-term cash and for a long-time career/vocation that can bring you (or your teen/young adult) lasting stability for a lifetime.
  • You’ll discover 15 steps to starting a business as well as 22 business ideas based on passions and interests. Along the way, I share plenty of tips, resources, and practical ideas based on experience from real-life experiences. You’ll also get more business and career ideas organized by personality type, ideas for teenagers and college students, and home business ideas.
  • You’ll get a proven systematic way to start your business and solid business ideas that you can use to make light work of choosing a viable business to start – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is! You’ll also be surprised about some of the ideas!
  • You’ll have an interactive workbook to record your progress which will give you confidence!

Plus much, much more!

By the time you finish reading these short ebooks, you’ll finally know how to start a business and you’ll know WHAT kind of business you can start IMMEDIATELY based on your passions, you’ll know how to start it successfully, and you’ll have a vision to turn this into a pathway for a bright future! Imagine not struggling with knowing how to start a business or what kind of business to start. Imagine not struggling with KNOWING how you can help your teen or young adult start their own business. Imagine how you’ll feel when you finally start your business or your teen starts their business and it is SUCCESSFUL.
The 15 Proven Steps bundle and Grab Your Oar ebooks can turn this into a reality! Look, if you like the idea of finally successfully starting a business based on your passions or helping your teen or young adult to do so, then here’s what to do next.. . Order the Ultimate Business Startup Bundle because you get it all for one low price, which includes my comprehensive step-by-step entrepreneurial equipment.

Want to find out more about the Stellar Profits Worksheets?

These Marketing Interactive Worksheets Will Give You an Edge!

These worksheets are part of a larger program I’m developing. It’s based on the knowledge I gained obtaining a certification in digital marketing.

You may have heard of avatars. I like to call mine Your Customer Story Sheet. These are handy to map out who your ideal customer/client is, which is a very important step in launching a business.



It’s very important to know where you are as a business owner and where you want to be. I’ve included a worksheet for you to do that. This will help you “reverse engineer” your life and business. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?



Just as you need to know where you are and where you want to be, you need to know that about your target market. Here’s a form to help you do just that!





Creating a Statement of Value will help you dig deep to find those hidden gems. This is how you’re going to communicate your value to your target market.



Without products and/or services, you don’t have a business. This worksheet will help you assess what you have now and what you plan to add in the future.


Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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