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 Overwhelmed by parenting guilt? Frustrated with homeschooling and ready to throw in the towel? Don’t give up! Maybe you just need to think outside the box!


This little book will give you a fresh perspective and a whole new game plan!

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Have you and your children forgotten how to play?

In today’s hurry-scurry world of rushing from one organized activity to another and the illusive search for academic perfection, we as homeschooling parents forget that play is a vital component to our children’s success and overall wellbeing. It’s vital for children with Autism who have learning challenges resulting in traditional education not working. And more and more children experience mental illness, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, ADD/ADHD, …

So why is that and what can we do about it? In this thought-provoking analysis of the role of play in childhood and education, you will find:

  • Why play is important and why play is being forgotten
  • Practical solutions to include play in your everyday life
  • A Play Plan that you can implement immediately!
  • 50 ideas for playing with your children
  • 50 ideas to help you as a parent recharge

This quick read by Dana Susan Beasley and Nathen Creed will invigorate your homeschooling and your life!

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Learn why play is important and why you shouldn’t overlook it when planning homeschooling for your family.

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Also learn about:

  • The role of play in child development
  • What play does for the brain
  • What play does for a sense of purpose
  • What play does for a sense of joy
  • The mistake we make with academics
  • The mistake we make about recess
  • The mistake we make about art
  • What has happened as a result of less play
  • Why more kids are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
  • Why mental illness is on the rise
  • Why people everywhere are grumpy


Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Play… I smile as I think about my three girls have more fun chasing each other with glow stick flowers, butterflies, and other creatures and laughing hysterically than they do with a screen. I hear them early in the morning talking and playing with toys acting out their favorite movie and book scenes…kids just aren’t like this any more! In a world where everything seems to hinge on a test score, Dana and Nathen remind us that it is perfectly okay to stop adulting and unleash our inner little kid! In doing so, we show our kids how to release the stress of life and take a break from reality, if only for a moment… They need it and, dare I say, so do you! –T.P., Memphis, TN

About the Authors

Dana Susan Beasley

Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency, publishing House, and Enrichment program, works with homeschooling families, teens, and aspiring entrepreneurs who face uncertain futures in these difficult times. She helps them plan, start, and launch successful businesses matched optimally with their passions, giftings, and God-given callings using proven digital and traditional marketing and branding strategies, so that they can create their own opportunities and economies and even more significantly, to make an impact on the world around them for Christ.

A graphic artist, writer, publisher, and branding/digital marketing strategist, Dana has enjoyed homeschooling her Asperger son for over 10 years. She is the author of several homeschool curriculums, including Your Guide to Growing Your Family Economy. She is also the author and publisher of a devotional, available on Amazon, called 31-Day Blessings Journey.

She works alongside her nephew, Nathen Creed, his wife, Victoria, and her son, Sam, and her husband, Travis, in a homeschool Live Action Role playing (LARP) club, a family entrepreneur endeavor.

About the Authors

Nathen Creed

Nathen Creed, born and raised in a loving Christian home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife in 2017.

They moved to develop a new vision within the homeschool community as they work alongside AngelArts to provide a LARPing homeschool group for the youth of Colorado Springs.

For many years, Nathen, the author of a poetry book called Elder Rose a new reader called the Cycle of 12 Fairy Tales for Reluctant Readers, and our brand-new RPG curriculum called ANR® Story Weavers Curriculum, struggled as a troubled teen himself before coming to follow Christ and explore new interests in poetry, fiction writing, and emotional expression through the written arts.

Nathen works closely with his amazing wife, Victoria, and his dear friend and mentor—also his aunt—Dana Susan Beasley, the director and founder of AngelArts.

Nathen enjoys studying the Word of God and spending time with his family. He has also found a new love and appreciation for cats, such as the family cat named Salem—a black long hair with a troublesome personality.

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Get Started in Your Own Business! Got Teens? Help Them, Too!

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