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Who is the AngelArts Team?

They are integral to everything we do! Dana could not do what she does without them. All of them encourage her to reach new heights in her life. Here they are in alphabetical order: She is actively looking for more team members to add, including virtual assistants, writers, designers, HTML editors, and more.




Sam Beasley: Sam is our LARPing weapons and accessory creator and designer.
 He runs our ditch battling games and shares sword-fighting techniques with our kids. He is a talented artist and a constant inspiration to Dana! He is Dana’s graphic arts apprentice and assists her in their design agency services. Drawing in 3D since he was seven, Sam shows promise as an illustrator and is an integral part of the LARPing enrichment program.



Travis Beasley: Travis is responsible for space layout and eventual building design. He is also a big helper and the main reason we can do any of this!
 Dana helped him start his business, Essential Pillar Architecture. Travis is an accomplished architect and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designer.




Tammie Polk: Tammie is Dana’s content director and all around cheerleader. She lives in Tennessee and is the author of many books and programs, including “The Virtuous Business Woman.” Although Dana and Tammie have never met in person, they share a special sisterhood bond that goes beyond the distance separating them.
 You can find more about her on her Website.



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