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Refreshment. Joy. Peace. Blessings. You want to be filled with these wonderful attributes of a fulfilling life but insurmountable objects stand in your way.

The mission of AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency, Publishing House, and Enrichment Program, is to help homeschooling families and the marginalized reach new heights in their lives and beyond through inspirational arts and entrepreneurialism so that they discover God’s Callings and become closer to Him.

We do that through inspirational art products, events, and enrichment programs, homeschooling curriculum and resources, and branding, graphics and publishing art services and training.

Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency and Publishing House, works with homeschooling families, teens, and aspiring entrepreneurs who face uncertain futures in these difficult times. Using proven digital and traditional marketing and branding strategies, she helps them plan, start, and launch successful businesses that are optimally matched with their passions, giftings, and God-given callings. With this in hand, they can create their own opportunities and economies and, more significantly, to make an impact on the world around them for Christ.

A graphic artist, writer, publisher, and branding/digital marketing strategist, Dana has enjoyed homeschooling her Asperger son since he was in second grade. He is now her graphic arts apprentice and assistant.

She is the author of several homeschool curriculums, including Your Guide to Growing Your Family Economy and a video course.  She is also the author and publisher of The Lost Art of Play and a devotional–31-Day Blessings Journey.

Locally in Colorado Springs, she is the director of a teen outreach mostly for homeschool kids based on Live Action Role Playing.

Education is very important to Dana and she is always learning. In 2016, she earned her certification as a Digital Marketing Professional. For the last several years, she has been helping homeschooling moms and dads start or improve their own businesses, including her husband who now works full-time from home as a licensed architect. Passionate about using her company as “Business as Mission” (BAM), Dana considers AngelArts her ministry and desires that her work be a vehicle for God’s glory.

Married to Travis Beasley, Dana helped her husband start his architectural business, Essential Pillar Architecture, and assists him with marketing and administration. Their son is studying 3D modeling and will also assist with the business.

Why the name AngelArts? Because excellence in art and literature is very important to Dana, and inspirational art is her passion. The company’s mission, as Dana envisions it, is to be a vehicle. A vehicle for God’s glory, a vehicle for artists to grow in their careers, and a vehicle for her own gifts and talents to grow and help others in publishing, graphic arts, writing, and music.

Dana chose the name AngelArts because ever since she was a little girl she has been reaching  for the arts. Her mother, Ann Neal, who is one of the featured artists on this site, took this photograph of her when she was a toddler, complete with tinsel halo above her head. She was always reaching for the piano, Mrs. Neal says, and wanted to learn from a young age. She finally was able to get lessons at age seven and is still playing (when time and homeschooling duties allow) on the same piano years later!


A graphic designer by trade, Dana worked at The Navigators, a Christian organization in Colorado Springs, for five years. It was then that she caught a vision for entrepreneurialism, teaching, and inspirational arts. She had the idea to start an inspirational arts center but ran away from the dream for a long time because it seemed too big and she felt terribly inadequate for such a leadership position.

Along the way, she became a wife and mother, eventually realizing that her husband and son have Aspergers. After years of struggle while homeschooling with this challenge, she became passionate about Autism acceptance and neurodiversity. But she hadn’t forgotten her passion for business and inspirational arts so she created her first line of art cards using her mom’s paintings Victorian Roses and Wedding Flower.

However starting a business with a toddler with special needs in an old Victorian house at that time was not easy. She discovered becoming a business owner has a steep learning curve for sure! But the downturn of 2008 inspired her in a new direction. After struggling through the economy and losing their Victorian house they turned into a rental property to foreclosure, Dana realized she needed to use her knowledge in graphic design and branding to create courses so that those suffering through bad economic times could create their own opportunities and not be dependent on an employer for a living. Her goal was to be dependent on God alone.

That’s when she created Brand Identity Quest, a 14 week course to help entrepreneurs launch and brand their startups. She invested in years of Internet marketing courses, eventually getting certified as a Digital Marketer in 2016.

Throughout many of her years of homeschooling, she found that creating her own groups was the most effective social activity for her son. That’s when she started Explorers Creativity Club. Her nephew Nathen came up to help in one of the events. The children made boffer swords and Nathen led them in ditch battling. It was a huge success and got them to thinking: Why not start a Live Action Role Playing club? So Nathen moved up to Colorado Springs in the summer of 2017 and they started their Explorers LARPing Creativity Club. They are in their fourth school season, have done three summer camps. While Nathen has moved on to other opportunities, her son Sam and Dana still lead this thriving program.

Dana is passionate about following after the Lord in her callings and helping others to do the same. She loves writing poetry, plays, short stories, and music. She believed that entrepreneurialism was the best way for her to help people and to be a vehicle for God’s glory. And she saw that to stay at home with her son, her family needed an extra source of income and she needed to help her husband start his own business.

Her journey of becoming an entrepreneur has been a wild roller coaster ride, but she knows that it has been a journey of her faith. And always, even when she wants to quit, she keeps on going because of her son who inspires her day by day who is now taking a more active role as her apprentice and assistant.

Recently her dream of owning a camper came true. In fact, they found a glamper, a 1976 Red Dale Camper, completely decorated to exactly her style. Everyone who knows her well agrees the camper is Dana to a T! Owning this camper is very nostalgic to her as Dana had traveled as a young child around the world with her family as the youngest of five in a 1968 Red Dale Camper. One of her goals is to write a book about her experiences and adventures and to help her mother write one also.

Dana enjoys home decorating and sewing costumes. Something’s she’s become adept at over the past several years while running the LARPing Club. If you would have told her a few years ago that she would be found outside on her front lawn sword fighting with kids in a “gown and a crown” she wouldn’t have believed you! She’s enjoyed her role as playing the “Healing Mother” Queen Amaterien in their ongoing play for the club and it has been a challenge that’s brought much satisfaction and personal growth. As an avid fan of Lord of the Rings and Narnia, this has been an unexpected dream come true!

Along with having dreams and visions sometimes comes overwhelm. She knows she cannot do this by herself. That’s why she’s slowly developing a team, which for now primarily consists of her family. They are all in it for the long haul!

Years ago, in 1991, Dana went on a mission trip to Romania. While the mission trip was an amazing experience, she realized that God was calling her to go back to the US, get established, get married, have a family, and become a missionary in her backyard. That’s exactly what God has done!

Because becoming close to Jesus and sharing that with others is her own personal mission in life and ultimately she wants to become who God made her to be. Her biggest why is to hear Jesus say when she meets Him face to face, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

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