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What is Blooming Originals?

Blooming Originals is the publishing imprint for AngelArts and is a community of aspiring artists who desire to bring glory to God through their work. Together, we create outstanding products and services that
  • Inspires people toward excellence in the arts
  • Helps budding artists (including children) grow in their artistry
  • Encourages those facing hardships
  • Shows God’s redeeming love

We consistent of all ages, from children to senior citizens, all income levels, and all life experiences.

Our vision for Blooming Originals is to build an Inspirational Healing and Arts Center, both locally and online. We will do this by 1) holding these local Blooming Originals events and 2) creating a guild of inspirational artists, first online and then locally in Colorado Springs.

Blooming Originals exists to help budding artists grow, to bring lasting inspirational art to communities, and to encourage hurting people (including the marginalized like the Autistic, those with mental illness, etc) overcome difficulties. An incubator for those who desire to show people the redeeming love of Christ through their artistry (or who inspire others by their work), we will be a membership guild that welcomes a diverse group of artists, not exclusive or expensive, but reachable for ordinary artists who often work in another capacity to earn a living.

Our three main values are Overcoming Obstacles, Healing Hurts, and Cultivating Community.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us! Together we can reach new heights in the creative arts and beyond!

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Address: 3107 West Colorado Avenue #303
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

Phone: 719.212.8977

Business Hours: 10a-6:30p M-F

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