Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy Digital Manual


Create a Family Economy that Will Empower You to Live Out God’s Callings for Your Life and for the Life of Your Children! This comprehensive digital curriculum will guide you and your children step by step in the adventure of starting your own businesses!

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In this 268-page visual-and content-rich digital PDF guidebook manual, you and your family will learn:

  1. The 15 steps to launching a business

  2. How to discover your passions, callings, and vision

  3. Business Ideas for you and your family

  4. Marketing and branding strategic plans

  5. Graphic design and marketing skills

  6. An effective way to get a vision of your brand

  7. What is the best logo, slogan, and name for YOU

  8. How to design and print a business card and web banner

Think of building a family economy like planting seeds. You will reap what you sow! And you will be building a legacy for your children and grandchildren!

Here are some other reasons to build your family economy:

  1. Job security for you and your children

  2. Spend more time with your children

  3. Both spouses at home

  4. Both spouses able to homeschool your children in freedom

  5. Teach your children the value of work

  6. Prepare your kids for the future

  7. Depend on God alone for your finances

  8. Live out your callings and achieve your dreams

  9. Experience genuine family closeness

  10. Be prepared for hard times

  11. Bless others with your success

  12. Don’t be trapped in a university college with overwhelming debt

Years ago I had a vision of turning my branding know-how into a home study course. And now I am turning it into a homeschooling curriculum for the whole family!

This is my step-by-step digital guide on how to make your family economy brand sizzle.

In this digital homeschooling curriculum meant for the whole family, you will get more information on my step by step system on how to launch a successful business.

Not only that, but each page is infused with encouragement to seek out God’s callings for your life and for your children to do the same. It speaks about the role of faith in your life and how being an entrepreneur can bring you closer to Christ and to the person He made you to be.

Are you ready to create multiple streams of income for your whole family? Are you ready to embrace His callings for your life and for the life of your children? Because this curriculum will set you on a journey to build your family economy and discover your unique brand—

A brand that will sizzle!

And you will have a dazzling future! Because you will reach for God’s best for your life and for the life of your children as promised in Jeremiah 29:11.

Starting a new business is overwhelming, especially in today’s economy. Where do you even start?

I remember being overwhelmed when I was first learning about building a business, clear back to high school. I knew nothing then. But over the years, I absorbed, practiced, and excelled in logo design and Internet marketing and now I’m sharing those lessons learned and applied with you!

I excelled in logo design and branding because I combined creativity with marketing knowledge, technical production knowledge, and most of all my passion for helping people find their unique destiny in their lives. In other words, helping family businesses find a Unique Selling Proposition that gets them noticed!

And my clients get noticed because I know about the power of colors and what they communicate. I know how to get the best quality artwork for their graphics. I know how to turn a word into a picture and translate that into a logo and ultimately a brand.

This is the course I wish I could have taken clear back in high school! It would have helped me immensely as I navigated my way through career choices, often murky and hazy. I had no idea how to present myself!

In fact, this is a perfect course for your high school and college students take so they will have hope for their future! They, too, can start building their family economies!

This course is based on my education, the education commonly referred to as the school of hard knocks! It is based on my years of working for an in-house ad agency, and my years of experience as a freelancer, publisher, and Internet marketer.

And you are getting top-notch quality information in this course. Information most small business owners don’t have. Information based on proven logo and branding techniques that creative agencies employ for big-buck corporations!

You will definitely stand out from among the crowd and make your family economy sizzle!

And it will prepare your teens, college students, and young adult children to take control of their futures, learn important marketing skills, and discover the fundamentals of graphic design.

In my digital curriculum, you will receive this and more:

  • 17 lessons that will help you develop a brand that screams professionalism, improves your bottom line, and gets YOU noticed! Your image will sizzle! And so will your family economy! You can easily divide this course into two semesters, having plenty of time for extra study like making business plans, marketing plans, etc.
  • Resources and help to build a solid foundation for your family economy.
  • The 20 must-answer questions that will ensure your brand is relevant to your customer. There is so much more to discover!
  • The 20 questions you must ask to unmask your identity. Again, there is so much more to discover about you and each member of your family. These questions are designed to help you gain that clarity I talked about, to help you and your family identify your passions and callings so you will find the best business fit for each of you.
  • Discovering the two keys to effective logo design and using these three elements in your branding so you will soar above the competition every time.
  • The four questions to ask when deciding on a business name.
  • Step by step instructions on how to write an effective slogan.
  • Using typography, color, and artwork in your logo that will make your brand sizzle. You will learn graphic design secrets!
  • 3 affordable ways to use your logo once you have it designed, including ideas to turn your brand into gold!
  • Technical considerations to get your designs printed effectively, one of the best places to find affordable images. Detailed lessons on design elements, branding definitions, and much more.
  • How to create a photo of yourself that will attract people to your business, not scare them away.
  • A truly inexpensive online printing company (and they do GREAT work)!
  • More chapters, including the best paid and free design software and more Ideas to Spark Your Creativity! And much more!

But that’s only scratching the surface!

You will learn how to make your logo, how to design it into a business card, and how to make a Web banner. You will also be guided on how to craft a brand strategy plan as well as writing a slogan.

And who am I? I have
• Over 25 years experience in graphic arts and publishing
• Over 10 years experience as a homeschooling mother and a teacher before that
• Experience in teaching graphic design and business
• Over 10 years experience running my own business
• Hands-on experience helping families start their own business
• Certified Digital Marketer from

I have packed my digital course with practical information that you can use immediately! And remember you can use this program over and over again for each family member and each business you create!

I look forward to working with you soon and helping you make your family economy brand sizzle!

*If you have a class, contact us at for licensing info.

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