Story Weavers ANR Demo Kit


A brand new revolutionary gameschooling curriculum that will completely change your homeschooling for the better!

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Introducing our brand new role playing curriculum! We have put a lot of work into this as role playing is our passion.

Based on years of development, author and LARPing coach Nathen Creed put his heart and soul into developing this gaming system. A gaming enthusiast herself, executive director of AngelArts put her publishing and homeschool mother knowledge into making this a great option for homeschoolers everywhere.

This system is called Advanced Narrative Roleplaying or ANR for short and our curriculum is called Story Weavers.

And even if you aren’t homeschoolers, you will enjoy this gaming system.

  • Simpler than D&D
  • Can be played anywhere with any genre
  • Includes our own created world like Lord of the Rings and Narnia
  • Storylines thoroughly tested and enjoyed by players
  • Includes 80 educational activities for children
  • Module includes 8 months of play/school
  • Fun, exciting plotlines
  • Christ-centered and faith oriented
  • Shares gospel in the storyline
  • Detailed instructions on how to play and how to incorporate into your homeschool

The Starter Kit includes:

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Field Guide (A teacher’s guide, story master’s (we call them Story Weaver) guide and includes a Player’s Handbook
  • Module 1: The Fall of Mauldrogk (8 months of play)
  • Maps of Lanofeh
  • Character Analysis Worksheets
  • Character and Inventory Sheet
  • Cheat Sheet
  • 20-sided die (colors vary)
  • Packaged in a corrugated box for convenience

This price is a demo offer. It will never be repeated at this price. Very limited supply available.


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