How to Transform Your Passion into Profits in 15 Proven Steps E-Booklet


A quick snapshot of the essential tasks needed to start a business for teens, gap year students, college students, young adults, and their parents aspiring to become entrepreneurs. BONUS: A quick read that outlines how to take common interests to turn them into a micro-businesses and ultimately a full-time career.


Want to become a Christian entrepreneur to make an impact on the world for Christ?

The most difficult part of starting a business, of becoming a Christian Entrepreneur, is knowing how to get started.

I’ve made it easy for you!

In this 24-page e-booklet, I lay out 15 proven steps to transform your passion into profits so you can become a Christian Entrepreneur. So your whole family can become one!

Each step is full of ideas and examples to inspire you to action.

BONUS: My brand new e-book titled “Grab Your Oar: Turn Your Passions into Profits So that You Can Earn Money Fast and at the Same Time Build Your Future.”

This book is a quick read that breaks down common interests such as photography, jewelry making, and organizing into practical ideas for creating micro businesses and then building that into a lifetime vocation.

These resources are for your whole family–you, your teen, your gap year student, your college student, your young adult child.

Don’t go it alone. What would that end up costing you in the long run?

Just one idea in these ebooks could change the trajectory of your life and business! And vastly change the future for your children!

You will be well on your way to becoming a Christian Entrepreneur!


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