The other day, I was sharing with my son, Sam, about the difference between personas and personal name brands. I used the curriculum that I wrote and published called “Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy.”

The day before that, we talked about the difference between logos, brands, trademarks, and more. Today I will share with him the basic elements needed for a well-designed logo/brand.

As my graphic arts apprentice, I see great promise in him both as a designer and entrepreneur. He clearly grasped the concepts that we discussed. ❤️

Concepts that are all laid out for me to teach in the manual of my curriculum and my new video course.

My son, Sam, inspired me to start a LARPing business and he continues to inspire me to this day!

That story could be YOU! ‼️

If you have a teen, a gap year student, college student, or young adult child then they can learn how to start their own businesses through this curriculum and/or video course.

Or maybe it’s YOU! Maybe it’s your spouse. Maybe your WHOLE FAMILY WANTS TO LEARN! 😍

Just like my son, Sam, the vista of your child’s future, or YOUR future, can be full of hope and PROMISE! 💚

My son has a promising future. You and your family can, too!


My entrepreneurial curriculum is based on YEARS and YEARS of experience and education. It’s the curriculum I wish I had been able to take when I was a young college student/young adult.

But I had to figure it out on my own. From my education in communications to becoming a graphic designer and learning that trade to fulfilling my dream of becoming an author and publisher to engaging in hours and hours of training in digital marketing, then finally earning my certification as a Digital Marketer…

One of my certifications I received.

That’s what I poured into the curriculum so that teens through adults—indeed WHOLE FAMILIES—could take just WEEKS and MONTHS to learn what I learned over a lifetime! ‼️

And yet I wanted to make it as easy to understand as possible and in a step-by-step sequence! I packed it with practical assignments so that the end result would be launching a business based on each individual’s passions and callings and launching it with a STRONG FOUNDATION!

I also know, as a homeschool mother, how tight budgets can be. That’s why I have created a whole assortment of options—

Need as cheap as possible? Get my digital curriculum. Want a deeper dive and to go as fast as possible? Either my digital curriculum or physical curriculum will do the trick beautifully! Do you like writing and drawing by hand? Get my physical books! The physical curriculum includes a gorgeous workbook and all the pages are designed in vibrant color! ❤️

My curriculum is available in both digital and physical book form.

Want to take your time to fit in with your busy life but want accountability? Want more of an overview and to stream videos on demand? Enroll in my video course! Want a course where you can ask questions of the author? Email them to me and I will answer them in bonus videos during the course!

My family economy curriculum is also available in video-on-demand form.

Do you or your child learn best with video or audio or a combination? You can also combine the curriculum WITH the video course! The video course comes with the videos, audios of the video, PDF lessons, and interactive worksheets you can complete directly on a computer!

A high portion of new businesses FAIL after the first year 😪. What if you had the tools to help your child SUCCEED 😎 by giving them a FOUNDATION in business, marketing, and graphic arts? If you have always dreamed of starting a business, what if this success could be YOURS?

You see, my curriculum accomplishes all three. It teaches basic concepts about business and marketing, especially branding, and includes a graphic arts TUTORIAL. Because in this Internet-driven world, I wanted to give aspiring entrepreneurs an EDGE!

Want to know MORE about graphic design? My video course includes a BONUS where I give a whole tutorial using a REAL PROJECT! This is a course in itself where I share a screen video of me actually designing in software like Adobe Photoshop!

Through this course, each student will discover their callings and passions, choose a type of business (I give many ideas, including for teens!), name their businesses, write a slogan, create a strategy plan to get the word out, plan and design their logos, a business card, and a Web banner. ‼️

That is a business based on each person’s unique abilities and talents and unique personality. It’s authentic and authentic is POWERFUL.

Combine that talent and skill and passion with the right audience that you choose (another subject I cover—target marketing) and develop your vehicle of connecting with your audience and you will have SUCCESS! 😃

I’m teaching my son and nephew how to start their businesses based on their passions and callings.

Confused about the STEPS to starting a business? I have a whole chapter on that and it explains these steps in detail with plenty of examples! In the digital and physical curriculum I have a checklist so you can easily see your PROGRESS!

In these days, success seems harder and harder. College may not be for every student. You might have a son or daughter like mine who is Autistic or special needs and will never have a 9-5 job. Or you fear they will waste their potential and that SCARES you. I know it scares ME! 🤐

Now has never been a better time to start a business. Yes, especially in all this uncertainty. The flexibility of being an entrepreneur could be the difference that makes it possible to not only to survive, but to THRIVE! I can personally attest to that experience.

Has it been easy? No! But during the shutdown, my family and I were able to work full-time from home and earn more money than we ever had because we built a FAMILY ECONOMY! We have several streams of income and we are STILL BUILDING THEM so we can leave a LEGACY for our son! One that he can pass on to HIS children!

I helped my husband start his business and he was the first one to take one of my courses. That’s how he got the idea for the logo I designed for him.

What does this take? It takes investment. But isn’t it worth it? I know for my son I would go to the MOON AND BACK to make sure he has a WONDERFUL future full of promise. A future where his skills and talents are utilized for him to provide for himself and a family. So that he not only has sustainable income, but he has FREEDOM to enjoy doing the things he loves to do! 💙

So here’s the deal—the sooner you get started the sooner you and your children can embrace this kind of future. And GUESS WHAT? You can purchase my curriculum and/or enroll in my video course and your WHOLE FAMILY can use it! I made this for FAMILIES! That’s why I call it the FAMILY ECONOMY curriculum and video course!

Not only that, but my CURRICULUM is on sale! Honestly, I haven’t decided when that will end so it’s better to take advantage of the reduced price RIGHT NOW! ‼️

Want to find out more and get started? Go to my Grow My Economy page where you can learn all about my program and video course and you can find out about all the options. And I even have a FREE resource on there that will begin your journey! 💚💙💜❤️

Together may we reach new heights in our businesses and beyond! 😃

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