What is the big deal about mission statements?

Well, nonprofits use them. Churches use them. Corporations use them.

Have you created your mission statement? And why should you care?

As the saying goes, if you aim at nothing you will hit nothing. A mission statement helps to make sure you stay on target with your business. It answers the question, “Why do you exist and whom do you serve?”

Mission statements are the foundation of your brand. It will give you visual clues as to what your brand image should look like.

A mission statement will also help you write your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What is it that distinguishes you from your competition? What makes you different? What benefit do your customers get when they purchase from you?
Jesus gave us a mission statement to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Corporations and organizations make sure that every employee knows the company mission statement. In addition, corporations and organizations will often write vision and values statements, too. They know it is part of their branding.

I experienced this when I worked for a Christian para-ministry in Colorado. It was drilled into my head. I often designed the mission, vision, and values statements.

Knowing your why is crucial to having success in business. It will help you reach your goals. It will help keep you from quitting when time’s get tough. And they will!

Writing a Mission Statement Ensures that You Stay on Target with Your Business and It Will Transform Your Life!

Reviewing your mission statement is important also. Display it prominently in your office or around your home. Perhaps make a nice graphic of it and share it on Facebook or Pinterest!

And when you have a mission statement that speaks of the essence of who you are, and it is reflected in your brand, you will attract your market to you! That is a very good reason to write one!

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