What is a good mindset definition? Mindset is your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors around your daily life and business.

And mindset matters because it can make or break your success.

So what attitudes do you need to succeed in life and business? Here are three of them:

1) You need to think long-term

So many people today are short-sighted. Everyone seems to be looking for a magic pill. But there is a problem with this attitude.

Having a short-sighted attitude guarantees you will be stuck in the tyranny of the urgent. It means you will never get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Instead, thinking long-term is more productive. And specifically, thinking through decisions as a long-term investment is the most important vehicle to your success.

Let’s take something as simple as shoes. Yes, it’s easy to get a pair from Walmart or the thrift store. I’ve done that many times.

But here’s the deal—Walmart shoes will not last. And they are bad for your feet. And indeed bad for your whole body.

I’ve been struggling with heal spurs so I’ve seen the value in purchasing higher-end shoes. They last longer and I last longer in them! My son, too, is struggling with foot problems so he will also need a better pair of shoes.

Now in business, you might be scared to invest long term into your company. Perhaps, like many business owners, you gravitate toward cheap and free products and services. You might be a parent to teens whose future is roaring up on them. Are you going to invest in their future?

There’s a problem: you will never get to be a success relying on only what’s cheap and free.

Remember that saying, you get what you pay for?

Well, if you never pay for advertising, how are you getting to get the word out?

If you never invest in business training, how are you going to learn and grow?

If your branding and marketing materials are subpar, why would anyone be attracted to what you have to offer?

The truth is, if you don’t think your business is worth investing in, why would your prospects think that it’s worth investing in?

2) Believe in what you’re doing

The second attitude you need to ensure success is to believe in what you’re doing.

Here’s a big business killer: thinking that you’re not worth it, that what you have to share is not worth it.

I struggled with this for years. I still have my bad days but I plod on. I used to think, “why would anyone care what I have to say? I’m just a fat housewife!”

God kinda smacked me over the head with that one. WRONG thinking! He made me. He gave me my skills, talents, experience, and desires. No one is like me or does things the way I do things.

And it’s the same way for you. You are unique. What you have to offer, the way in which you have to offer it, is one of a kind!

3) Make a commitment

Whatever you set your mind to as far as your dreams and goals, you have got to make a commitment.

That means no waffling, no looking back. No putting your foot in one decision and dabbling your toes in another.

My husband did this for a long time. He was constantly questioning himself whether or not he was suited to run his own business. The doubts nearly tore him apart. Nearly tore our family apart!

I told him he had to make a decision. Either be a full-time employee or be an independent contractor. Now he is working full-time from home and so much happier. And believe me, he’s plenty busy!

So when you’re considering what determines your success in achieving your goals for your life and business, remember what I said about mindset definition.

Your thoughts determine your emotions which determines your attitude which determines your actions and behaviors.

Changing your thinking is essential in determining your success in life and business!

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