Stress. Like a cancer it can overwhelm our lives, paralyze us, make us sick.

Yet, it can also be a catalyst for making truly transformational change.


Because stress backs us into a corner sometimes and we have no choice but to “fight” our way out of it or give into it.

Who wants to give in?

So how can you transform that stress into blessings?

One way is by devising a noble plan and standing by it.

I get this idea from Isaiah 32:8, one of my favorite verses in Scripture.

Many years ago I was reading that verse as part of my Blessings Devotional. What struck me about it was the idea of devising a noble plan and standing by it.

At the time, our vacation rental home was not doing well and we were paying for two mortgages. We did not see an end in site.

When I read that Scripture, I made a noble plan, a very big one for me: to study Internet marketing so I could become a mompreneur. And eventually, I could use that skill to help my husband as he transitioned from a full-time job to owning his own business.

I realized that instead of my dream of getting a Master’s Degree, this would be a practical way to help us through this financial crisis.

So my search began. I bought Ali Brown’s Online Blueprint Success System and devoured it. Her first words were like a bolt of lightning: don’t make decisions from where you are but from where you want to be.

This statement was transformational to me. I realized that my vision for my family and me is not being property managers. We need to be entrepreneurs, free from the hassle of being responsible for another house and the guests who enjoy it. While we were glad to provide this service, it was not God’s calling on our lives!

Through my learning, I eventually created the 30-Day Blessings Journey. While writing the 30 days worth of devotionals, based on my long study of the words bless, blessed or blessing in the Bible, I was given incredible strength and grace to get through an extremely painful summer of uncertainty. The Blessings Journey helped me through that stressful time and I have beautiful memories of being close with the Savior.

Then I turned that free devotional into an 8×10 paperback and kindle on Amazon. I also created a companion ready-made bullet journal. Many lives are being transformed through it.

Making a noble plan transformed my stress and turned it into incredible blessings!

What kind of stress are you going through? What noble plans can you make that will transform that stress into blessings?

Want to know more about my Blessings Journey? Find out more here.

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