If you know anything about AngelArts, you know what our emphasis is–the creative arts!

And that’s why in our entrepreneurial courses we give each student a mini graphic design tutorial. And we’re working on a dedicated course on graphic design.

But how did this start?

It started because the founder and executive director of AngelArts, Dana Susan Beasley, spent half of the 1990s working for a nonprofit Christian organization where she was trained as a graphic designer and worked in their in-house ad/communications agency. While there, she discovered that customers didn’t understand the process of design and she began consulting on a one-on-one basis, teaching what she knew and had been taught. This gave her the idea to create graphic design and branding courses.

Then after she resigned, got married, and had a child, she turned back to her desire to be an entrepreneur. She started with, among other pursuits, freelance design. That is how AngelArts was born.

And now all these years later it is a family business. Her nephew Nathen Creed is our writing assistant as well as customer services manager. He is training to be a coaching assistant. Her son Sam, now 20, is her graphic design apprentice.

Both Nathen and Sam are taking her new Family Economy Video Course. Years ago, when Dana created her first course called Brand Identity Quest, her husband Travis took it and now works his architectural business full time.

So after all these years, what are the results customers got with working with Dana, specifically utilizing her skills as a graphic artist for logos and cover design? Watch these videos below to get an idea. This is only a glimpse of what she has worked on over 25 years of professional design work!

Here is a video she did on some of the logos she created over the years:


Here’s one she did several years ago that she called a “Capabilities Portfolio.”


Here’s a video of a card collection she designed:



And finally, here are a few book cover designs that she has done:


Do you want to find out you can work with Dana and her team? Email her at info@angelarts.biz to see about a free creative project consultation.

Go to her Website to find out more.

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