Today I’m going to talk about the elephant in the room.

Why would you or your children want to become business owners and engage in entrepreneurship when having a job is so much more secure and easy?

Not necessarily.


One of the ads I created for my husband’s business. It’s starting to get attention!

I think back to a couple years ago when my husband was lulled away from his business to work full time at an engineering firm. He chose the “safe” option to get “steady” income.

Even though he was pigeon-holing himself as an architectural engineer when he is so much more. 

And guess what? Not even a month passed and he was let go. Not because anything he had done but because they simply did not have the work for him to do and PLUS it seemed like they didn’t even know how to DO the work! It felt at times that my husband knew more than the bosses AND he was left alone without any direction.

Thankfully, he received an architectural project after that job was no more AND he was able to do that from home. That happened right before the shut down and he had already lined up a couple of architectural jobs which saw us through the crisis.

So yeah, a J.O.B. (or Just Over Broke as the author Robert Kiyosaki calls it) is not always secure.

Entrepreneurship to the rescue!

In fact, in economic downturns a job can be particularly vulnerable.

But you may be thinking, what are the benefits of entrepreneurship? What are the benefits for your kids? Let me lay out a few for you.

1) You have to learn to trust that God will take care of you and you’ve got to get close to Him.

Yes, this is my number one reason why the business-owner lifestyle–why entrepreneurship– is worth It to me.

I’ve had to come to grips with my fear of rejection and failure particularly my fear that God would abandon me. It’s a lesson that I’m learning continually. And it’s an important lesson because living the Matthew 6:33 life is completely worth it. Putting Christ in the center of everything I do has eternal rewards and the more Jesus heals my soul of the fear of abandonment the closer I get to Him and the more He can use me. This is how being an entrepreneur has completely changed me.

2) You can truly reach for new heights in your life without a “glass ceiling.”

“Reaching New Heights” is not just a slogan with me. It’s my LIFE! One of my first memories is of a child reaching up to playing the piano. I couldn’t wait to take lessons! In fact, at age five I made my oldest brother teach me how to play Fleur De Lis. A few years later, I finally learned to play the piano and it’s something that I enjoy to this day. Was it worth it? Yes! A thousand times, yes!

It’s the same with other skills and talents that I have. Investing in myself is worth it because I’M WORTH IT! And entrepreneurship has empowered me to do that!


This is the picture that inspired me to name my business!

It’s why I chose the picture that my mom took of me reaching up to the piano for my logo mark! Because I live for reaching for new heights in my life and beyond!

And so can you and your children! It is worth it to develop your talents, gifts, and skills, especially through entrepreneurship. These are called callings. And it’s in entrepreneurship where you’ll have the most freedom to pursue these callings. It’s truly liberating!

That’s my experience having been in the corporate world including a worldwide ministry for years before I started AngelArts. I was for sure “pigeon-holed” and there was no opportunity for growth. I experienced the glass ceiling!

logo design

The balloon logo that I designed for a logo contest and won!

It’s only been as a business owner that I have been able to far exceed my capabilities including becoming an author, being a camp and enrichment teen program director, creating online courses, winning a logo contest and riding in a balloon as my prize, and so much more, INCLUDING becoming a YouTuber with a growing fan base! And now I’m working on several novels which is a dream I’ve had since I was age 10!

So yeah, entrepreneurship is the perfect vehicle for growth not only in my callings but in my character as well. I am stronger, more resilient, more determined, more bold… it has truly changed me from the inside out! It can do the same for you and your whole family!

3) You have the opportunity to truly impact people.

Now this is the best reason. Because if you’re like me, you may be asking, “Is entrepreneurship worth all the time and effort?”

Of course entrepreneurship has some hard parts to it. Like preparing for taxes, which I’m doing now, and it’s not easy at all. I can definitely do better about starting and maintaining systems to make it all go more smoothly…

And I’ve had many late nights and sometimes I think “is it worth it? Why am I working so hard?”

I get to play-act a queen in my LARPing program and even had fun sewing medieval costumes! Something that I enjoyed learning how to do!

Well, I remember one time I thought that the night before a homeschool resource fair when I was making preparations. The next day I saw all the faces light up when they saw what I was offering and I felt giddy and happy and energized!

Entrepreneurship has been totally worth it through the years as I know our program has helped prevent suicide in teens, brought about friendships, made fathers and sons closer, and so much more. Plus I get to do things that I absolutely love to do!

Yes I’ve made money which is great and it’s helped my family especially my son as it’s one of his means of income, but the impact I’ve made on these kids is huge!

And it’s the same for my courses and publishing that I do. To hear a great report that I helped someone discover their calling in a way they never expected because they took my course—that’s music to my ears!

So yes, entrepreneurship is hard work and sometimes it’s agonizing. And yes, you have to think of alternatives to health care (think medical sharing, hint hint), and yes sometimes there are periods when income does not flow, but overall this lifestyle is WORTH IT!

Here’s a few other benefits:

  • Set your own schedule
  • Flexibility to homeschool
  • Ability to create MULTIPLE streams of income
  • You’re in control of your future
  • Don’t need to ask permission to take time off
  • Save on gas, clothes, lunches out, etc especially if you work at home
  • Protect yourself against inflation, layoffs, and any future lockdowns

And yes, these benefits can be for your children, too! After all, not all kids will flourish in college and this can help them even while they ARE in college or have graduated from college! Plus, some children with special needs would not want to or even could not have a traditional job. Entrepreneurship is a great way to literally capitalize on their talents and for them to earn a living from their passions doing what they love to do!

This is exactly what my son, who has Aspergers, is pursuing. More than likely, he will not go to college nor get a job. That’s fine with me. He just started a little while ago, and he’s ALREADY earning multiple streams of income and saving up to buy his first car!

Okay, so I could talk on entrepreneurship forever and ever and I’m sure you’ll see more writing and videos from me on this topic in the days and weeks and months and years to come.

Because I am passionate about this topic and I am passionate about encouraging you that you are worth it and you’re children are worth it!

online video courseNow, before I let you go, if you’re getting excited about this, then check out my new online entrepreneurial course that’s available right now and will be ongoing throughout the Fall and will continue with an advanced course in the Spring.

This is a great way to get started on entrepreneurship that’s self-paced, not overwhelming, and provides step by step guidance on how to start a business. You can do this with a full school load and work load. That’s what it’s designed to do.

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