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If I offered to provide you an easy-to-follow online video course that would teach you, your teens, and your family how to start a business that would


give you and your children a foundation in business including branding and marketing
  • help you and your kids gain confidence and excitement in your future and the future of your kids
- inspire you and your kids with a sense of purpose that will help you become winners in life and business

  • And if I offered it at more than a 50% discount with a special incentive for the first 10 to take me up on that offer

…would you take me up on this offer?

This is an 8 module beginning course with several bonuses, including a graphic design tutorial on Photoshop. 

The first month is a free trial and so if you’re not thrilled with it you can cancel anytime. The first 3 modules are available immediately and the next 5 modules will be trickled out starting September 13 every other week until they are complete in early November. 

Then you will have a chance to enroll in the advanced class that will start in late January where students will further develop their business concepts so that they create a logo, a business card, and a Web banner.

Many families, including my own, have been helped by the programs this video series is based on. It’s a step by step training of how to start your own business based on your talents and passions. Truly finding that thing that you love to do and pursuing your livelihood around that. And it’s something that will help your kids especially in these turbulent times.

This results in:

  • being excited to grow personally, professionally, and even spiritually

  • having knowledge that most business owners don’t even have, giving you and your kids a cutting edge
  • protecting you and your family against inflation, recessions, and more because you KNOW how to build a business in any economy

Are you next?

If so, click here now to enroll!

Use discount code BACKTOSCHOOL. Ends September 10 at 12:00 AM EST.

AND if you are the next 10 who take me up on this offer, I am going to give you my notebooking guide, “You Are a Blooming Original” which is going to guide you and your family to discovering your passions and callings in a fun and easy way.

But there’s more: for those 10 sign ups: I am also going to give you two hours of my time for free with me via phone or Zoom video call where I will personally guide you through this process of creating a vision for your life.

Remember this offer ends September 10 so enroll today by cicking here! Be sure to use the coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL!

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