You are wondering how to run a small business. Is there a smarter way to do that? Absolutely! Here is the question: Do you have the MIND of an entrepreneur?

by Tammie Polk

Is there such a thing? Yes, there is! Think about what an entrepreneur is—one who creates a product or service that is meant to meet the needs of a particular audience.

That’s how to run a small business the SMART way!

So, what do entrepreneurs think about? Allow me to share seven questions that an entrepreneur has on their mind daily and help you learn how to run a small business:

  1. Who? One of the first things an entrepreneur thinks about who they want to serve, who they want to help, who to reach out to, who to collaborate with, and who they want to attract.
  2. What? An entrepreneur is always thinking about what they want to offer, what that product or service is going to look like, what problem that product is going to solve, what (if any) events to attend, and what impact they want the product to have.
  3. When? Entrepreneurs have to learn when to post, when to launch, when to advertise, when to pitch, when not to pitch, when to offer a discount, when to fire a client, when to say no, and when to ask for help.
  4. Where? Another important set of things to think about where to post, where to advertise, where to pitch, where to find clients, where to find help, where to set up as a vendor, where to have their “office,” and even where they’re family fits in their vision.
  5. Why? Sometimes entrepreneurs have to become three-year-olds and ask: why something isn’t working at all, why something is working better than something else, why their product or service isn’t selling, why people are saying no, and even why they don’t have the support they thought they’d give.
  6. How? An entrepreneur wonders how to package what they offer, how to get it in the face of their ideal audience, how to make themselves stand out in a potential saturated market, and how to balance everything.
  7. How much? Those unavoidable costs always plague the mind: how much to spend on advertising, how much to spend on apps and tools, how much they should post, how much they should be out in public, how much time to dedicate to business and family, and how much to spend on mentoring and coaching.

Those are seven ways you can learn how to run a small business!

I know that these are some pretty loaded questions and I battle with all of them myself! The mind of an entrepreneur is never NOT thinking of SOMETHING and there are both positives and negatives within these very heavy questions.

My final word to you is this—the mind of an entrepreneur is one of a fighter! It’s about you, your mission, and your message, so what you show to the world every day matters! It won’t be all sunshine and pine trees, but the real peace is in how you handle the fires and tornadoes that are bound to come.

Do you have the mind of an entrepreneur?

Tammie Polk is a married homeschooling mother of three girls from Memphis, TN. When she is not pouring info her family, she is diligently expanding her entrepreneurial empire as a 32x author, all-around speaker, and coach to women looking to eliminate excuses and create a legacy by writing their way through life! Learn more about her, her mission, and her message at
Cover photo by Adobe Stock | PHOTOMORPHIC PTE. LTD.
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