by Nathen Creed

Is it possible to learn how to rely on the Holy Spirit in business?

There is the Holy Spirit in business in today’s modern world…

Where does power come from in business? What form will it take in our daily lives through the Holy Spirit? And in what way can we harness this power from within?

Today the world is in chaos and no one knows what will be the outcome. But rather than living in fear and in a dazed trance like a deer in the headlights, should we not strive to better our relationship with the Holy Spirit in business like never before? To reach new levels of expertise and experience, to earn a vast amount of wealth and influence so as to help those who are in need along with our own family and friends?

Well, dear reader, if you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you already have the answer you seek during these hard times. Within you dwells an endless amount of power and light which can never be taken away from you.

Speak this phrase when you feel alone or that the Holy Spirit in business is failing.

I am one with the Holy Spirit, His power dwells in me forever!

These words, as simple as they are, will help you rely on the Holy Spirit while building, running, or saving your business. Always remember that on our own power we can do nothing but through HIM who gives us strength we can do all things!

We are not alone, we are not forgotten and even if our first business goes under or fails, don’t think of it in those terms. Part of growing in life is about learning to change with the changes life throws at us. As long as we never compromise our Christian faith and foundation. When you feel powerless, understand that without God all mankind is powerless. Scripture tells us not to fear who can just kill the flesh but only fear the one who can kill flesh and spirit. Make no mistake, dear reader, that our battle in business is the same battle we fight in the world every day everywhere all the time. The spiritual battle between good and evil.

How can I rely on the Holy Spirit in business?

Answer: Seek first the kingdom of God and serve the Lord in all that you do…

Answer: Go into your room and shut the door, pray to the Lord in secret as Scripture tells us to do. And in secret the Lord will see you and he will reward your dedication openly.

Answer: Know how to wield the Sword of the Spirit which is God’s word. Know how to study it and how to meditate upon its truth. Learn to wield your greatest weapon against the dark powers of this fallen world.

Rise my fellow brothers and sisters of Christ. No matter what political power is currently active, our mission for the Kingdom of Heaven never changes. God never changes. Our King never changes.

Do not let the matters of the world distract you from your fight against the enemy for we do not fight against flesh and blood but against the dark powers and principalities of this world.

So… how do you rely on the Holy Spirit for your business… well, you fight back and you stand at the front lines!

Never stop fighting
And give all glory
To our Lord
Jesus Christ!

Fight for the King!



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