by Tammie Polk

When it comes to branding, we often think about how we look to the online and offline world, right?

We look at how we are positioning ourselves, making sure that we’re offering the right things to the right people at the right time on the right platform right when they need it most.

If you’re stuck, stale, stagnant, sunken, and sullen when it comes to your branding, you might want to keep reading….

I want to present four things to you and these are things you may already have in your arsenal, but aren’t using in their full capacity.

Remember that acronym from the title because it’s going to be the guiding principle throughout this article.

That B. E. S. T. isn’t some new, profound truth, but one that we often push to the side because we either think that it won’t work at all or it won’t work right now….

I beg to differ and strongly, but respectfully, disagree.

The first is a book. In this day and age, anybody in ANY industry can pen a book about them, their mission, and their message within their given niche. The mistake is made when we focus so much on the business that we think this is something to save for old age. Not so!

Would you believe me if I told you that a book that I wrote six years ago is still making waves today? It’s true and Dana created the cover! (The Slayers)

Now, within my circles, if anyone mentions excuses or cookies, my name and brand come up because they’ve either read the book, given it as a gift, or heard me speak about it.

Books will outlast us all and SO many are dying with their knowledge, making the graveyard richer every day….

Is that the legacy you want your brand to have? I’m willing to bet my reputation that it isn’t.

What is it that you want people to know, feel, and understand about and from you for years to come?

More importantly, what opportunities has your brand missed out on by not having even an e-book?

I’ve seen people lose thousands of dollars over this very thing and who has time for that?

Get your genius down on paper, hire someone like Dana to make it sparkle, take steps to protect it, and then put it out there!

You and your brand need the exposure!

Let’s keep going.

The second is an event. Again, regardless of your zone of genius, you can hold a webinar, conference, summit, expo, etc. and bring more attention to your brand.

People today spend hours combing through social media and event websites looking for something to attend, so give the people what they want.

Even participating in others’ events works out for you because you’re getting your brand out in front of people you may have never known existed!

With the right type of advertising, you can bring more traffic to your neck of the woods from being elsewhere….think about it!

In this virtual world, an event can bring in people from all over the world and you never know WHO you will meet in that virtual space, so plan something and get the word out before you lose any more ground.

Plan it, executive it, adapt where needed, and execute it again in the future!

This next one is a no-brainer.

The third is a service. Well, duh, Tammie! I do that already. Yes, I know, but when was the last time you revised, revamped, refocused, and changed anything?

From the time block needed to perform it to the price of it, you should be revisiting things at least quarterly.


You may be trying to push a dead service that is obsolete! No one is going to invest in a service that they can’t use. This isn’t insurance or a savings account – people’s lives and livelihoods are hanging in the balance!

Ask yourself the tough questions such as, “Am I offering this because it’s still useful or because it’s super easy and I don’t have to do a whole lot of anything?”

You may be setting yourself up to be business poor!

Here’s another way to prevent that….

The final one is trinkets. Believe it or not, an ink pen can bring JUST as much brand awareness as a business card!


Seriously…. Are you more likely to hold on to a company ink pen or business card? 8.5 times out of 10, you’ll come across that ink pen before the business card!

This is important because little things matter!

Things like branded ink pens, notepads, journals, mugs, and even candy can go a LONG way!

I say this from experience!

As an author, I’m known for sending my books out with a keychain, magnet, sticker, or some sort of branded trinket.


It’s because I want them to remember me and my brand!

Now that I’ve got you thinking, I want you to answer a few questions:

  • Which of the B. E. S. T areas is an area of improvement?
  • What would making improvements in this area do for my family AND my business?
  • What is my absolute non-negotiable first step to making this improvement?
  • How can I make this improvement last?

No one can answer these questions about your brand for you because, even with a team, the vision has to come from you first.

It’s not enough to be great at what you do or even do it the right way all the time! There will come a time when you have to graduate from doing what’s RIGHT to doing what’s B. E. S. T.

Only YOU know what that looks like right now, so take a minute to get it straight in your head and heart.

Writing the vision is always followed by making it plain so that others can read it and take off with it!

Who are you grounding because you’re not focused on your B. E. S. T. ?

Time to get to that drawing board!


Tammie T. Polk is an author, speaker, and Goal and Dream Fulfillment Coach for busily stressed moms who have big dreams they want to achieve, are tired of waiting for someone else’s permission and timeline to achieve those goals, and want to achieve them NOW! She encourages her clients to “be YOU unapologetically on purpose with a smile on your face and, more importantly, a COOKIE in each hand!” When asked how she makes it through each day, she credits three things – God’s grace, naps, and cookies. Her 2021 release, “Girl, Go Eat A COOKIE!…and then handle business!,” had become her #1 seller and most sought after topic. She is currently gearing up for her December Girl, Go Eat A COOKIE!: The Experience Event. Click here ( for more information.


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