by Nathen Creed

No matter if your desire is to work out in a gym and get huge muscles or tone up a six pack–no matter if you wish to train to become an Olympic swimmer or just want to be mobile and flexible so you can enjoy a long and healthy life–you need to know why.

What are the most powerful reasons you want to exercise?

Take a moment, dear reader, and consider the real reasons you would want to achieve your physical health and to what level or degree?

When finding motivation to exercise it is a much better way to gain inspiration through positive reinforcement rather than negative, especially coming from a result of an injury or disease.

I hear from so many people in my life when they make excuses or complain about not having the money to join a gym or not feeling like it that day… Well, my friends, I will tell you something each and everyone of you already know but many of you don’t want to hear it–“Just do it.”

None of you really require a gym membership in order to be lean and healthy. It’s true. Look at the prison inmates in America today. Many of them–while not being the best role models for behavior in society–are actually some of the healthiest and strongest and most disciplined people in our nation… and the majority of them achieve that level of fitness without any workout equipment at all!

Next time you are about to say “I can’t,” Stop talking and shift your statement into a question… Instead of saying “I can’t,” turn those words into… “How can I?”

When you speak the statement that you cannot do something, you have already lost the battle for your current willpower. When you change that statement and ask how you can achieve your desires, you no longer admit defeat but rather place your mind into a problem-solving mode in which you are much more likely to create a solution to your dilemma.

The most space people need to get in shape is seven to eight feet and their own body. That’s it.
When combining a healthy diet with normal exercises and working out 3-5 days a week for 30-60 minutes you will see results quickly.

But keep in mind this well-known phrase of the fitness community… “No matter how hard you workout, you cannot outrun a bad diet…”

If you are putting junk and processed trash into your body, you will not be able to heal or become the person you want to become.

If a sick person takes medicine one moment and then starts to inject poison into their body a minute later what good will that do?

If we keep putting poison into our bodies, how on earth can our bodies be expected to heal when we are hurting it every day?

It all comes down to your Why.

The majority of people are sick due to something deeper going on inside their heart. Something they struggle with, a negative emotion or thought / thoughts.

In order to heal and find that motivation to exercise you will need to follow the way of the three candles: Spirit, Mind, and Body—

Only through the healthy alignment of these three elements can we achieve true health.
But in the end we all must ask that simple yet terrifying question… Why?

Nathen Creed is an author and acting development coach for AngelArts. He is the mastermind behind starting and running our enrichment programs such as Live Action Role Playing and creating our roleplaying curriculum.


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