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You want to generate revenue. But how do you get there, especially when you and your brand are virtually invisible? Here are some ideas.

In this blog post, which is a continuation of my Hidden Gem series, I delve into the art of standing out in a crowd by embracing your unique qualities and authenticity. This is key to your goal to generate revenue. I discuss the importance of being recognized by the right people and how this can lead to discovering untapped potential within yourself. I offer practical tips and strategies for showcasing your uniqueness and authenticity in a way that attracts the right attention. Ultimately, I explore how this personal brand recognition can significantly boost your revenue growth and that will help you reach you generate revenue.


1. The Importance of Making the Right Connection

In today’s hyper-connected world, creating the right associations has never been more critical. It’s not just about networking and making contacts. Instead, it is about developing meaningful relationships that provide mutual benefits and growth opportunities. Whether in business or personal life, these bonds can significantly impact your success and overall happiness level. The right connection can open doors to new opportunities, offer mentorship, boost creativity and innovation, enhance your understanding of various perspectives, all while providing a supportive network during challenging times.

And yes, that can help you generate revenue.

However, making the right connection is not always an easy task. It requires a precise blend of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and authenticity in building lasting relationships where both parties thrive through shared goals or interests. More than just exchanging contact information in networking events or LinkedIn adds; true connections happen when there is effective communication that includes listening as much as speaking while showing genuine interest in others’ ideas or experiences. Therefore it’s crucial to invest time and effort into building these essential connections for personal growth and professional advancement.

It also involves genuine caring. Because as the saying goes, people don’t “care what you know until they know that you care!”

I think of my long-time client Tammie Polk, an author and coach that has become a dear friend. I’ve never met her in person, and yet we’re kindred spirits and we bounce ideas, successes, frustrations, and problems off each other frequently. I’ve designed some of her book covers (she’s written over a 100 books) and I’ve had her format some of my projects as well as having her contribute her skills as a content and marketing writer. All because of Facebook.

Yes, we helped each other generate revenue!

I really can’t count how many opportunities I’ve gotten because of Facebook groups. In fact, tomorrow a training video I created will be featured in a homeschool summit. And I was asked by the leader to speak after I’d done it the year before! It’s a matter of seeing an opportunity and seizing on it to see where that will take you. Sometimes it will be successful and sometimes it won’t be but that’s okay!

2. Understanding Who ‘The Right People’ Are

As we journey through life, both personally and professionally, the phrase “surround yourself with the right people” is one that we hear quite often. The ‘right people’ are those who positively influence our lives by supporting us in attaining our goals and aspirations, encouraging us when we falter, inspiring us through their actions and words, contributing to our growth, and leading us toward a brighter path. They add value to our lives – not necessarily in terms of material wealth or social status but more significantly in aspects such as wisdom, positivity, motivation, trustworthiness, authenticity, and loyalty.

Understanding who the ‘right people’ are requires introspection and clarity about what matters most to you–your values. Those who share similar values tend to be more aligned with your visions for life or work. The ‘right people,’  however they may manifest themselves in your life–as friends or mentors or partners–will foster an environment where you feel accepted for who you are without judgement; they don’t drain but energize you; they listen attentively rather than just waiting for their turn to speak; most importantly they encourage you not just to dream big but also equip you with confidence to achieve those dreams. Here’s the beauty of this—such relationships aren’t founded on self-gain but rather mutual respect and admiration – a synergy that propels everyone forward. Remember it’s all about quality over quantity: having a handful of these ‘right people’ around far outweighs being surrounded by droves of toxic individuals draining your energy under the guise of friendship or partnership.

I know there’s a handful of people I can reach out to when life gets a little too much for me. And these are people who I strongly admire and would like to emulate. As the saying goes, which I’ve seen to be true—you are like the five people you hang out with the most.

The best place I’ve found to make connections with people for my own wellbeing AND for the chance to contribute? A small local church! Taking the time to invest in these relationships has proved to encourage me when time gets tough as well as cheer me on when I have successes. And more importantly, I love that I can contribute my gifts to edify the church body.

Another helpful place to find those right people is of course Facebook groups! Get involved in one or two quality groups that include your target market and people you admire. Plan on contributing as much as you share your business.

Here’s another practical idea–start your own Facebook group or in-person networking group so you can make those connections you need to thrive. Truly that is a smart tactic so you can generate revenue.

3. Strategies to Get Noticed by Influential Figures

With the proliferation of social media and numerous professional networking platforms, connecting with influential figures is within reach more than ever before. However, getting noticed by these industry leaders requires a strategic approach that will make you stand out from thousands of other individuals vying for their attention. From commenting on their posts to offering value in messages, there are actionable approaches that can increase your odds of attracting the attention of these heavyweights. And yes, that will help you with your goal to generate revenue.

To start off with, creating high-quality content related to your field and consistently sharing it on your platforms can pique the interest of influencers. Having regular, insightful posts demonstrates expertise in your field and gives influencers something valuable they might want to tap into – be it for collaboration or partnership purposes. Additionally, making thoughtful comments on their posts not only shows that you are active and engaged but also helps to build rapport over time. This engages them in fruitful dialogues which could potentially open doors for future collaborations or mentorship opportunities. Make sure your comments add value; ask provocative questions or contribute meaningful insights instead of generic praises or compliments.

Facebook also goes a long way with these goals. Getting to know influencers by regularly dialoguing with them is a key way to create connections and help others discover that hidden gem within you. That’s how I was able to get a prominent influencer to give a positive review of one of my curriculums. I’ve also found that being involved in local associations and resource fairs has enabled me to meet colleagues who have later contacted me with the desire for joint ventures or wanted to hire me. That will definitely help you generate revenue!

In conclusion, the journey of discovering your own hidden gems is a significant voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. It transcends just being noticed by the right people; it’s also about understanding yourself, your abilities, and your unique offerings. However, getting noticed by the right people can indeed propel your journey, opening doors of opportunities and showcasing your talent to the world. When you align yourself with the right people who value your skills and abilities, you’re not only setting yourself up for success but also nurturing your personal and professional growth. That certainly will lead you to generate revenue and so much more!

Remember, your hidden gem is your unique mark on the world. Embrace it, nurture it, and let the right people illuminate it. This is your journey. Own it and shine brightly.

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