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Barbarian Invasion!

Our summer camp for 2023 will be June 6–8 from 1:30-4:30 pm! On Thursday at 4:30 pm we will have a fun dessert and snack time for the whole family for our knighting/awards ceremony. The location is on the Westside of Colorado Springs by 19th and Uintah.


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Barbarian Invasion!
 We will be going on a journey to another magical and mysterious realm called Anich. The heroes had been there once before but this time through a strange accident Queen Amaterien (AKA the Healing Mother) and the heroes end up back in time when the first emperor Nezegyn is building a 2,000 mile wall to protect against Barbarians called Lomgans. He says he wants to unite the Anich people because he truly loves them and wants the best for them. But does he? And how will they defeat the barbarians while building the wall in time so the realm of Anich doesn’t fall to the enemy? And what do they do about the Lomgan’s horrific ally that makes anyone who gazes on them faint, never to be woken up again? And if that’s not enough, the appearance of a Red Dragon in the land drives everyone to a whole new level of fear…

Advanced Narrative Roleplaying

Collaborative storytelling Each day we will include plenty of Live Action Role Playing and end with group verbal storytelling called Advanced Narrative Roleplaying. This is our own invention, a Christian alternative to D&D.

Membership Site

Have access to our Web portal before and after the camp. Easily find all important documents on your membership page including our Player’s Handbook, registration forms, legal documents, character analysis sheets, inventory sheets, resources, lessons, and more. This information will be forthcoming.

Bible Devotionals

Christ is central to everything we do and sharing God’s love with our participants is our number one mission. Mrs. Beasley, the program director, will be sharing inspirational messages from 1 Corinthians 1:13, the chapter in the Bible all about God’s love!

Ditch Battling

Test your skills and have fun sparring Several times each day we will be ditch battling with boffer swords. Some rounds will include magic and some will be melees with no magic. We will also have games such as capture the flag, king of the hill, protect the king/queen, fox and hounds, and other games as we have time.

Skills Training

Learn new skills in acting and sparring Each day we will dedicate time to learn more about acting and sparring. Learn how to be a better sword fighter and learn the ins and outs of drama as applied to LARPing especially through acting games.

Immersive Education

Learn history through action In this camp, you will learn about Chinese ancient history by living it out in our medieval fantasy story. All this learning will take place in an immersive way.

Knighting Ceremony

Our time will end with a special ceremony where new participants will be knighted and veterans (those who have been to our club/camp before) will be presented with a certificate. Mrs. Beasley will present all participants with a special token of their time with us. If we have time, the whole family is welcome to participate in a demo LARP scenario and observe the ceremony as well as a time of fellowship over snacks and dessert. This will be held at 4:30 pm. If you are really creative, you can bring foods that would be appropriate for Chinese culture!

Fun Crafts

Get your creative on by making a boffer sword for our LARPing Camp! If there is interest, we may do other crafts such as calligraphy and watercolor for an extra fee in the late morning on 1-3 days of the camp. To be determined.

Character Development

Create a character and explore creative expression in a safe, fun environment Create a character using our character analysis sheets. Practice acting and writing to improve your skills in dialoguing, improvising, voice, depth, dynamics, and more. Each character will earn “store” items the last day of our camp. At the same time camp participants will learn and practice key principles to enhance abilities as knights and ladies of Christ, growing stronger and more confident in faith and life. Through our Website portal, participants can learn how to make a character before the summer camp even starts!

Fellowship and Food

Make new friends in our “tavern” Each day we will have plenty of time for snacks in our “tavern.” Partipants will have a chance to mingle and make new friends. Most of the time participants will be engaged in acting and dialogue as we rest and eat. Each camper is responsible to bring their own snacks, drinks (water especially), and snacks to share. Keep in mind that we have a student who is allergic to peanuts, eggs, and dairy.

Is your son and/or daughter looking for an unforgettable adventure this summer?

Are your children looking to connect with new friends and have outrageous fun? Are you a homeschool or traditional school parent looking for something educational yet exciting for your children age 11-17? Do you have a child who loves fantasy and wants to make new friends? Are your children desiring a higher purpose and meaning in life? Then join us on June 6-8.


To provide Christ-centered and character based Live Action Role Playing, battle skirmish physical education, arts and crafts experiences, and drama lessons and practice. Every child and child at heart is welcome from the age of 11-17. Other Objectives: Build friendships • Create community • Help each other overcome challenges • Appropriate for Autistic/special needs students/learning-challenged students • Boffer sword making • Wearing medieval costumes and accessories • Immersive history education • Creative writing • Acting games • Encourage one another to follow God’s best for our lives • Be beacons of light in a dark world.

Who is directing this camp?

Mompreneur Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, a Creative Arts Agency, Publishing House, and Enrichment Program is the program director.

  • Has a heart for the Great Commission and impacting lives for Christ. Has a special place in her heart for special needs kids and teens.
  • Homeschool mom since 2008 and teacher in one capacity or another for over 30 years, including positions as camp counselor and arts and crafts counselor.
  • Creative and loves to help teens and adults reach for God’s best in their lives.
  • Lifelong enthusiast of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and hobby fantasy writer. Her ambition is to publish a fantasy book! She created her own world and language when she was a teen.
  • Has managed the Explorers Creativity Club for many years, the last six years as a LARPing Club as well as summer camps in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022.
  • Plays the role of Queen Amaterien, the “Healing Mother.”

Mrs. Beasley spent her childhood LARPing but didn’t know that it was called that! She and her friends used to “play Narnia” in the mesa behind her house. She then taught her oldest nieces and nephews how to LARP and those nieces and nephews taught their younger cousins/siblings, including her nephew Nate, who helped her develop the system. It is a family tradition! 

Sam Beasley runs our ditch battling games and demonstrates sword fighting techniques. As our weapons designer, we call him, Master at Arms.

Travis Beasley, husband of Mrs. Beasley, helps tremendously and plays various roles, including King Darien, husband of Queen Amaterien, as well as the Shepherd Geraltt.

Our Statement of Faith We strive to be a Christ-centered youth outreach. That means we will do our best to bring the love of Jesus into everything we do. He loves all people, so all are welcome. We just ask that you respect our beliefs as we aim ourselves to respect all that God brings our way.

What are the details?

Characters and Costumes

Each camper will have access to our Player’s Handbooks and Character Analysis Sheets on our Website members’ portal. We will have those available in by May 15. Using these forms, campers must write out a summary of their character and upload it at least a week before camp starts. Costumes are encouraged and ideas for making them will be given in our “Resources” section of the members’ site.

Our Own "Store"

Coins and gems (plastic, sorry, not real ones), will be given to participants based on attendance, attitude, if they wear a costume, bring their Player’s Handbook, etc. They can use their currency to buy enchantments for their swords during the school year if they signup and the last day of camp we will have a camp “store” where they can purchase various toys and fun things.


Waivers and Agreements

Waiver forms must be signed by parent or guardian before attending events. This waiver form will be provided on the main portal. A student must agree to our code of conduct. We also would appreciate a photo release form so we can advertise the camp for next year! Parents must check in at our convenient check-in station on the first day. We ask that each student respect each other and respect us as leaders. We will ask any participant who is not following rules to “retreat” to a pre-determined place until they can explain what happened and resolve to improve their conduct. If conduct is repeatedly broken that puts other children in danger, we will evaluate on an as-needed basis. No refunds for behavior that results in dismissal. Threats of violence will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal.


Safe Environment

Every effort will be made to make this a safe environment. Therefore we enforce our rules. No bullying will be tolerated. Respect is our core value in our group. Hard hitting with LARPing weapons is not allowed, neither is spinning or acting out in rage or hostility. We do not allow fist fighting, even if it’s pretend. We foster a safe environment for exceptional kids. Your Autistic son or daughter is more than welcome. Most of our staff are Autistic! Safety of your children is very important to us. Therefore parents must check in the first day. It is a drop off situation as the day camp is on personal property and we can see who comes and goes. Parents are responsible to ensure their child is well and not sick. Parents will be responsible to check temperatures if they are uncertain if they are sick before children arrive. A COVID waiver will be required.


How do I enroll?

To enroll in the camp and reserve your spot, sign up by hitting the “Enroll Now” button below. PayPal is utilized but you can use most any credit card through the service. To choose your payment options, just click on the buttons below and follow the prompts. You can also contact Dana with any questions at or 719-212-8977.

What if I want to cancel?

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we know that life happens. However running a camp is not cheap. Therefore we have the following cancellation policy in place.

Cancellation Policy If you cancel two weeks before camp (May 23), all but 25% of total fee will be refunded.

Otherwise, just contact Mrs. Beasley at 719-212-8977 or if something comes up.

Are you ready to enroll?

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What Our Families are Saying

“This club is very open to kids using their creativity and being who they are. My son loved the summer LARPing camp and is now part of the Saturday group.”
“Took my son to just visit and see what he thought and he LOVES it!! They are very accepting and this is his first time ever stepping out of his shell to try something he is interested in like this. Thank you so much for making him feel welcome and included.”
“Amazing group! My kids feel welcomed and comfortable to be themselves, and love the opportunity to let their creativity flourish!”

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