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Is your son or daughter enthralled with Lord of the Rings or Narnia? Are you looking to bring creativity back into your homeschooling and adventure in your lives? Do your kids love gaming, sci-fi, role playing?

Is Your Son or Daughter Feeling Lonely, Purposeless, Adrift? Are your children suffering from depression from these challenges? Do they feel isolated, bored, and like they have nowhere to belong? Are you struggling to find a program that will balance their needs for fun, education, socialization, fun, and PE? Do you have an autistic son or daughter that wants to meet new friends but doesn’t fit into the “normal” enrichment program?

Then you have found the right place!

Explorers LARPing Club Spring 2020 Starting February 6. Ditch Battling, Weapons Making & Crafts, Live Action Role Playing, Narrative Role Playing, Acting Games Classes 1st and 3rd Thursdays and Events interveningSaturdays through April Near Uintah and 19th Street EDUCATIONAL AND FUN! Make new friends! Medieval Fantasy and Ancient History. Immersive Learning. Improves mental wellbeing and academic performance especially in writing!

INCLUDES: Family membership portal including resources and lesson plans

Local Homeschooling Enrichment Program

for kids age 12 and up. Call 719-212-8977 for kids ages 7-11. Exceptions to ages made on a case by base basis. Parents MUST be present during program times for at least the first three times until the child’s behavior is proven to be reliable.

in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Get involved in active game playing and building friendships!

Special Needs Kids More than Welcome and Encouraged!
 Public and private school kids welcome on Saturdays

How Will Your Kid Benefit?

Learning ancient history in a fun and meaningful way • Building friendships and creating community • Overcoming shyness and social anxiety • Finding a place where your child feels like he/she belongs, especially important for a child with Autism or a struggling learner • Having opportunities to be involved in camps at a discounted rate • Participating in fun activities that the whole family can be involved in including Christmas madrigal feasts, role-playing nights, online role-playing nights, camping trips, field trips, and more • Making swords and other weapons and crafts • Learning to sword fight • Practicing creative writing • Participating in acting games and learning important acting skills that will lay a foundation of success for a lifetime • Encouraging one another to follow God’s best for our lives • Hearing God’s Word and lessons that are relevant to their lives • Increases creativity and imagination • Improves skills such as writing, focus, public speaking, etc. • Gaining confidence

About AngelArts Enrichment Programs

Dana Susan Beasley, homeschool mother and curriculum author, along with her nephew, Jacob Turner (who goes by his acting name Nathen Creed) will lead this extraordinary club that will bring excitement and friendship to homeschooling teens in the Colorado Springs area.

This is not just an extra-curricular program. Our enrichment club is an integrated learning experience that combines renaissance history, physical education, drama, arts and crafts, creativity, fun, and friendship.

Nathen will be facilitating the LARPing experience through our own fantasy world mixed in with Sci-Fi and medieval history. Along with that, students will have the opportunity to learn about improv acting, make swords and other weapons, and create medieval and renaissance history accessories and projects.


To provide Christ-centered and character based Live Action Role Playing, battle skirmish physical education, arts and crafts experiences, immersive history, and drama games, practice, and lessons.

What are the details?

  • Enrichment club meetings two times per month (most 1st and 3rd Thursdays through May to include PE (ditch battling, drills, and sword fighting), ancient history, arts and crafts, role playing, character development, acting, creative writing, and more.
  • These classes can count as PE, history, literature, English composition, drama, and arts. You can add to our enrichment program with your own unit studies and of course the hours count as credits and school hours!
  • Web portal where our Player’s Handbook, Character Analysis Sheets, Registration Form, Lesson plans, resources and more are available and updated after each class or event.
  • Monthly LARPing events on the intervening Saturdays of the month (February 15, March 14, April 11, May 9)
  • Eligible to be included in special events such as field trips to places like Bishop Castle, and summer family camps and camping trips.
  • For ages 12 through 18. Younger kids accepted on a case by case basis. Parents must be present until a proven track record of behavior is established.
  • Receive our Player’s Handbook and character sheet in our membership site when they become available for the new school year.
  • Location for Classes and LARPing events: Dana Beasley’s house near 19th & Uintah. Upon signing up, Dana will send you the exact location.
  • Early bird special through January 21. Basic membership $35/month for 4 consecutive months. $50 per FAMILY. Materials fee extra which are $15 and $30 respectively. Semester dues available. This is definitely a better deal! Keep scrolling down until the bottom of the page. Includes bi-monthly enrichment club meetings, LARPing events, and special events, including an awards/graduation ceremony in May. Material fees for arts and crafts and events such as food venues are extra but passed on at cost for members. You can also opt to pay for the materials per class but must pay for it via EventBrite before we meet. A student may attend one class for free (but needs to pay the materials fee at the non-members price) to determine if this is something he or she wants to pursue or not. Semester options available. You can also observe without participating in the craft.
  • Saturday only club! $7 per month plus a $3 materials fee. Your student will receive a Player’s Handbook and will be able to create characters for our Saturday LARP events (see dates above).. Saturday club members also receive access to our membership site. This membership also entitles your students to attend our members only events, like our knighting ceremony. Extra fees subject to apply for materials or entrance fees (for instance, if we go to the Renaissance Festival). Semester options available.
  • LARPing events can be attended for free without a membership. If the student does not want to become a member, he or she will be assigned a stock character, kind of like an extra in a movie.
  • A waiver form, COVID form, and photo release form must be signed by parent or guardian before attending events. This can be found on the membership site.
  • If a snowstorm forces the closure of our club (we will follow District 11 decisions regarding this), we will do narrative role-playing online using Discord. We will reschedule events to the best of our ability.
  • Every effort will be made to make this a safe environment. Rules will be enforced with a “retreat” policy until children are ready to behave respectfully. No bullying or name calling or unwholesome talk will be tolerated. Respect is our core value in our group. Hard hitting with LARPing weapons is not allowed, neither is spinning or acting out in rage or hostility. Threatening behavior such as threatening to kill will result in immediate dismissal.
  • This year we will focus on renaissance history. Other activities will be offered as well in the future, including Bible studies and worship nights as well as Advanced Narrative Roleplay (ANR) nights. We may have weekly Discord ANR nights throughout most of the year.

Who is directing this club?

Mompreneur Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, a Creative Arts Agency and Publishing House is the program director.
  • Has a heart for the Great Commission and impacting lives for Christ. Has a special place in her heart for special needs kids and teens.

  • Homeschool mom since 2008 and teacher in one capacity or another for over 20 years, including positions as camp counselor

  • Creative and loves to help teens and adults reach for God’s best in their lives

  • Lifelong enthusiast of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and hobby fantasy writer. Her ambition is to publish a fantasy book! She created her own world and language when she was a teen.
  • Mrs. Beasley spent her childhood LARPing but didn’t know that it was called that! She and her friends used to “play Narnia” in the mesa behind her house. She then taught her oldest nieces and nephews how to LARP and those nieces and nephews taught their younger cousins/siblings, including her nephew Nate, who is our coach. It is a family tradition!

Jacob Turner (AKA Nathen) is our Acting Development Coach. His wonderful wife is his assistant and Mrs. Beasley’s lady in waiting. In other words, Jaden (AKA Victoria) keeps our heads on straight!

  • Directed and acted in numerous plays.
Homeschool graduate.
  • Has had many trials in his life and has come so far.
  • Has a passion to help others overcome their trials.
Ordained minister.
  • Deep love for Lord of the Rings and Narnia which he grew up reading.
  • Learned how to be a (Advanced Narrative Roleplay) A-N-R game master, a game he invented after being inspired by D&D.
  • Able to use his talents to follow a dream of helping youth find a new world in the outdoors and discover their own selves in the process of Live Action Roleplay.
  • Studied Martial Arts and other combat techniques.
  • Fitness enthusiast.
  • Studying to get a personal trainer certification.
  • His wife Jaden is a jewelry designer, certified makeup artist, and loves LARPing and children. She is our assistant coach and assistant teacher.
  • Both are first-aid certified.

Our Statement of Faith

We strive to be a Christ-centered homeschooling club. That means we will do our best to bring the love of Jesus into everything we do. He loves all people, so all are welcome. We just ask that you respect our beliefs as we aim ourselves to respect all that God brings our way.
Click here to read our Statement of Faith.


To enroll in the class and reserve your spot, sign up for the enrichment club by hitting the “register now” button below. For monthly plans, payments go through May. You can also choose to pay by the semester. The next payment will be due 30 days after that payment. You will receive a reminder email of the charge before the payment will be deducted. All major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

Monthly payments will not start until early February.

Materials fees will be added to the monthly fee. You can choose to opt out by contacting Dana at explorershomeschoolcoop@gmail.com and she will send you a coupon code. You MUST pay the materials fee via Eventbrite before each class if you choose this option. Fees will be slightly higher if you choose to do it this way.

If you refer someone to our club and they sign up, you will get a free month! If you pay by the semester or year, you will get a $20 gift card to Amazon! Just refer them to http://ExplorersLARPingClub.com to have them enroll.

To choose your payment options, just click on the buttons below and follow the prompts. You can also contact Dana with any questions at explorershomeschoolcoop@gmail.com or 719-212-8977.

What if I want to cancel?

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If you feel this course is not a fit for your student, you may opt out at least 7 days prior to your monthly tuition payment date. Just contact Mrs. Beasley at 719-212-8977 or explorershomeschoolcoop@gmail.com. Allow 7 days prior to your regular billing cycle before canceling. If you want to pause your membership a 3 days noticed is required. You can also cancel in your portal.

What about COVID?

The utmost precautions will be taken. Safety of your children is our chief concern. It is YOUR responsibility as a parent to make sure your child is not sick when attending our programs and that they do not have a temperature. When in doubt, stay home and we’ll work away for your child to be involved online.

Are you ready to enroll?

Click on an option below:

Individual Monthly Payments

Enrollment Open Now!

$35/month + $15/month materials fee

No payment until September and ends in April

Family Monthly Payments

Enrollment Open Now!

$60/month + $30/month materials fee

No payment until September and ends in April

Saturday Only Club Monthly Payments

Enrollment Open Now!

$10/month + $3/month materials fee

No payment until September and ends in April

Individual Spring Payment

Enrollment Open Now!

$140 including materials fee January – April

Family Spring Payment

Enrollment Open Now!

$260 includes materials fee for 2 kids January – April

Saturday Only Spring Payment

Enrollment Open Now!

$35 per family including materials fee for 2 kids January – April

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Helping Special Needs Children Excel through Creative Expression

One aspect we love about our program is that we get to help children with special needs overcome challenges and excel through creative expression. Some of the wonderful stories include a child who overcame aggression issues, children who made friends, and children who went from not being able to write a sentence to writing novels!

Would you like to become a sponsor?

Email Dana at info@angelarts.biz for more information. We’re looking for sponsors for our club and camp to help our families with costs and scholarships.

News & Updates

The Power of Live Action Role Playing: Benefits for Parenting, Education, and Social Skills

The Power of Live Action Role Playing: Benefits for Parenting, Education, and Social Skills

What is Live Action Role Playing (LARP)?   Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is an interactive activity where participants physically portray characters in a fictional setting, engaging in adventures and quests. Players create and act out stories, often within a...

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Contact us today to find out more information about our Explorers LARPing Creativity Club.

Mailing address: 3107 West Colorado Avenue #303

Call Us: (719) 212-8977

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