I was born and raised in a loving Christian family and I was indeed homeschooled throughout my entire educated life.

Through great trials and struggle and rewards and victories, I have gathered eight basic tips to give to you dear readers for your homeschooling adventure whether you are a parent homeschooling your children or whether you are the child learning under the guidance and care of your parents or guardians.

Tip Number One—Know You’re Why

Know the reason why you are doing what you’re doing and know exactly the reason behind what it is you want to accomplish through your time in school. You need to understand dear reader that your school and your education will be worthless unless you value it because our brains as human beings do not maintain information that does not view as vital information.

So understanding the reason behind your motivation to learn is key in finding the great wisdom that your parents or guardian have to teach you. Without understanding why you should learn and without understanding why it’s even worth doing then you’ll never value the information in the first place. know you’re why.

And if you are the homeschooling parent, this is really important to keep in mind!

Tip Number Two—Be Creative

Do not be afraid to dream big. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Lots of questions. For out of creativity and curiosity, we find our inner power to create and imagine and it’s from these elements that greatness is born and people become legend in their time and age.

Tip Number Three—Be Selective About Friends

Be careful about the friends that you allow yourself to have during your time of training through your education. Remember the phrase “bad company corrupts good morals” and memorize it to heart. If you take a glass of water that’s pure, unfiltered, and has no blemish whatsoever and then you drip a drop of oil into that water the entire glass of water becomes black and murky even though there’s only one drop of oil in that glass. In the same way, bad company corrupts good morals.

In order to have the most successful time learning and for you to develop the skills and gifts and talents you wish to find, you will need to keep yourself away from toxic individuals and surround yourself with people who will uplift you in your journey.

Another good thing to keep in mind as parents!

Tip Number Four—Be Yourself

Be yourself and do not let others control who you become through your time in school. Your time getting an education and learning the skills, talents, and gifts that you wish to achieve is about you not your parents. Not your friends, not your family. It’s about you and you alone.

If you spend your entire life trying to achieve the expectations of the people around you, you will find out years later that you’ve been living an entire life of lies and not living in accordance to your own desires. Do not forsake your own identity and your own identity is constantly evolving and changing into the person that you either want to be or the person other people are designing you to become.

Of course as a child, you need to respect your parents. And parents, realize your child is a unique gift of God and only have HIS agenda in mind!

Tip Number Five—Clear Your Mind

Meditate and clear your mind every morning in whatever way works for you. Even if you don’t wanna call it meditation, simply sit still, breathe deeply, and clear your mind and allow yourself to be calm. Take time to center yourself to allow yourself to think clearly and allow yourself to imagine better and to create a higher frequency of capability.

Tip Number Six—Understand Wisdom

Understand the true mark of wisdom. That is humility and understanding the fact that we as humans know very little about the world is humility. If you go throughout the world with natural gifts and talents for understanding and academic work, do not post and do not parade yourself around thinking that you were better than others. Each and everyone of us has their own unique talent and while it is perfectly OK and even admirable and definitely acceptable to have pride in your accomplishments and your gifts, we must understand the difference between being prideful as in self-centeredness and being prideful as I’m proud of success and being confident.

Tip Number Seven—Have a Few Select Friends

Have a select few friends that are close and who will help you through any kind of turmoil trouble or trauma. Having allies along your journey through your education and through your schooling academics as a homeschooler is very important, Get connected with other homeschooling families and programs and groups. Find your social outlet and make good friends and hold onto the friends that that are truly being best friends because in the end those are the only friends that will still be there if anything tragic or stressful happens in your circle. It is better to have one best friend than 20 fickle ones.

Tip Number Eight—Be Fearless

Be fearless. Do not shy away from taking risks. Do not for the sake of comfort sacrifice adventure and passion in your life. So many people in today’s world will die a boring old individual who played it safe and never had any kind of passion in their lives.

Do not become one of these people but rather seek adventure and success and you will find thrill in that. For only through passion can we truly feel the sensation of life.

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