Tivoli Gardens in Denmark. I went by myself in 1991 and later in 2014 with my parents and sister.

Years ago I had coffee with a friend from my homeschooling support group. We ended up talking for several hours. What a treat! 

As we shared, I told her about how I backpacked through Europe when I was 23 years old. I was a determined young woman! Nothing could stop me!
For entrepreneurs this is a character trait that is so important to have. I can look back in my life and see this trait. First off, I was determined to get past some hard things that happened in my childhood. In college, I was determined to start a Christian Arts Anthology. After I graduated, I was determined to go to a missions conference and go on a mission trip. Then I was determined to travel to Europe, even if it meant it would be by myself. 

A picture of me in Romania in 1991 where I went on a mission trip in the middle of my trip to Europe.

After my trip, I was determined to find a job in my field. When I finally got the job, I was determined to learn everything I could. When I met my husband and we set a wedding date, I was determined to have the most unique wedding ever! Believe me, I did! 

Our Wedding Day in 1998!

As a mother, I was determined to homeschool my child once I understood that was best for him. I was determined to write a course on branding. I was determined to set my husband in business and now I am determined to get him new contracts, and I’m getting them!

The logo I designed for my husband’s architectural business

And I’m determined to help people through my programs. I’m determined to get the word out about my products and services. Opportunities are coming to me, including several book publishing jobs.

Most importantly, I’m determined to overcome fear and anxiety and a tendency to procrastinate! That’s what I’m working on today!

One of several homeschooling curriculums I wrote and designed. This is available at GrowMyEconomy.com

So what are you determined to do? What obstacles are you facing? Set your mind to overcoming these and your brand will sizzle and your future dazzle!

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