Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Who isn’t in these hard times with the Coronavirus and all it entails?

If it’s not the news bombarding us with dire predictions, the Coronavirus causing fear and panic, and the measures to stop it hurting millions of people around the world, we have problems with our neighbors, struggles with our kids, financial hurdles that seem unbearable especially in these times of losing so many jobs and businesses, and then the danger that the virus holds to the vulnerable, including the elderly.

And so we find ourselves in this moment of the Coronavirus crisis when all seems impossible. Why not throw in the towel and give up? Why not just crawl under the covers until the world stops spinning and it gets back to normal, whatever that will be?

I remember a challenge years ago that I was facing. I felt like my life was like my jewelry that had gotten all tangled up in my jewelry box. It was impossibly tangled and the junk was all mixed up with the valuable items. All of it was useless in such a tangle. If I could have pulled each strand apart and eliminated the worthless trinkets, I would have rediscovered the treasures that I owned and I could once again use it to adorn myself!

So how do we untangle ourselves from all these problems? One way is to work through a crisis step by step. Try these ideas inspired by one of my experiences with tyranny of the urgent! And even more important in this time of oppression whether by the virus itself or by governmental authorities who are in many cases overstepping their bounds.

  1. Go to Jesus. Invite Him into the trouble. He says in Matthew 11 that He will carry your burdens. He wants to be your best friend. Honestly share your feelings and pour out your heart. Then leave your troubles with Him. Every night, I can’t wait to read a Psalm and I always find much comfort in the words. I meditate on one passage and make it a prayer, leaving all my burdens with Jesus.
  2. Take an emotional time out. Sit outside and listen to the birds sing. I love to sit out on my porch with the fountain running and the mourning doves cooing outside. This is a great source of relaxation to me.
  3. Be calm. Do not overreact. If you act out of nervousness and fear, you will make the situation worse. If you need some time before making a crucial decision, take that time! I know that for my husband, reacting in a crisis rather than responding is very easy for him. For some reason, I am able to work through the crisis in a relatively calm manner. I might be shaking inside, but I know I have to get through the crisis step by step, so I plow through it. Of course, after the crisis I am a complete emotional wreck!
  4. Move your body. Go for a walk or jog. Of course, by yourself or with your family. If you can’t get out of the house because you are quarantined, have a low-impact machine like an air walker handy. Listen to praise music while you exercise. Or just dance before the Lord. This is my favorite thing to do. This will make your mind stronger when a crisis comes. For me, when we shouldered many crises with the economic downturn of 2008, my daily exercise program was a huge help in getting me through them.
  5. Plow through what you have to do even though you don’t feel like it. I remember one weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was paint furniture. But I did, and what a relief! Then I made myself work on a new landing page for one of my publications. It was a more joyful experience that got better and better as I worked. The next day, faced with more challenges, I got the inspiration to write a new homeschooling ebook. I finished it in five hours and got it available online quickly! I made making progress despite the chaos in my life and it helped to mitigate the frustration I often felt. Moving forward with faith will help you in these times of uncertainty. Think of it as a time of preparation and positioning. What can you do now that will help you when this trial is over so you can be more strong and successful?

Well, I hope that helps during this Coronavirus! Practice these and you will reach new heights in your life, virus or no!


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Close up of Stone Water Fountain in Flower Garden

By Christin Lola

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