Character building and parenting success is an important part of homeschooling our children. Even more than that, it’s vital for our children to grow up as flourishing human beings.

Here’s some practical ideas that will get you thinking:

1. Modeling. Remember that you are a model, so be a model of character. Read through 1 Corinthians 13. How can you practice being patient, kind, protective, etc?

2. Unconditional Love. Be sure to separate their BEHAVIOR from their PERSONHOOD. Don’t withhold your love when (and I do mean when), your kids disappoint you and frustrate you. Learn how to disciple in love (the best resource for this I’ve ever come across is Love & Logic. That will teach you to communicate in love and will bring your parenting skills to a new level).

3. Behavior is Communication. Behind how your kids act is something going on that they’re not able to express. Maybe it’s as simple as that they’re hungry. I know I don’t behave very well when I’m hangry! It might be something deeper than that, though, especially if your child has some type of special need.

4. Catch Them in the Act. Praise SPECIFICALLY the behavior that you want to see. But remember, it’s not that you only love them if they are good. But positive reinforcement is going to go along way. to teaching them character. The opposite is true, too. If all you focus on is what your child is doing wrong and that’s the only time you give them attention, that is going to result in big problems.

5. Use Natural Consequences. That’s the best way to help your child grow. Remember that it’s okay to fail. In fact, now is the time for them to fail while your children have your protection! For example, when my son was four, he stole some little gel pens from an office store. When we got home and I found out he had done that, I took him right back to the store and made him confess it to the manager. I made him do that even though my son had selective mutism because I knew this is what would grow his character. It was times like that and other natural consequences that went a long ways to teach him right from wrong.

6. Get in Their World. That means take an interest in their interests. And be genuine about it. Perhaps it’s a video game or a tv show or a toy. Sit down and play with them! Pretend play with them. Play is one of the most important tools you have in your parenting toolbox!

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When grandparents enter discipline leaves. Portrait of a happy grandmother holding her grandchild on her shoulders.

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