Business ideas for kids–7 reasons why your child needs to be an entrepreneur not an employee

Have you thought about business ideas for kids and the seven reasons why your child needs to be an entrepreneur, not an employee?

Stop! Take a look at your children… look at their schools and their teachers. Look at the curriculum you are using as a homeschooler. What are they learning? Is it valuable? Does it teach them how to pay taxes or how money works at all? Does it lead them into a debt free lifestyle? Or does it ensnare them into the false reality that going to the perfect college will guarantee them a stable job and income?

In today’s time we hear over and over again the sad stories of excelling college graduates who end up moving back home and living with their parents due to the complications of never finding work after their studies in their college years. Now some fields will be more successful than others of course and I am not saying that college is worthless. However, for the majority of people, they want to live a full life. Note that I said “Live!” not “Work till their thumbs drop off only to repeat the same routine over and over again.” 

business ideas for kids
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Our school systems are designed not to teach children about money or how it works or how to avoid getting into debt. In fact, very few college students ever emerge from their studies with less than 10,000 to 13,000 dollars in debt (at the minimum), which they will have to pay off through hard work, assuming they even find work–depending on what field they have been taught in. some people may be okay and comfortable with a 9 to 5 job. This article is not for those people. Unless of course they have come to a point in which they desire something more productive with a much higher possibility for a full and abundant harvest. That is why business ideas for kids is important.

This article is written for the sake of all of you dear readers who desire to teach your children to strive and reach for the stars of success. It is also written for the sake of all of us homeschoolers who are marginalized and looked down upon due to our willing hearts to rise above the status quo. As someone who was raised as a homeschooled child, I can say that I have become much stronger and more capable than I ever could have had I ever gone to public schools. 

Homeschooling families are constantly attacked for their courage and their faith. But never give up and never give in to the oppressive forces that surround us every day. 

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Keep in mind that the school systems are desperate to force the idea of submission into your child’s mind and to place the idea, “you must get a job and be an employee to earn a living every month” into their mind. Well, how has that worked so far… are you rich? Are you wealthy or well off? Many of us are not. And those of us who are, they most likely got there because they refused to listen to that evil voice of oppression. 

As homeschoolers we must strive to look beyond the college years of our children and look to their long term rewards. If you look at the people in America there are a couple of categories!

  1.  Employees 
  2.  Founders  

Employees work for someone else and get a monthly paycheck as long as they put in the work every month. Founders have learned how to have employees and how to create money from nothing or something small. 

It all comes down to mindset. 

From saying “I can’t” to “how can I?”

By changing a negative statement into a positive question, we are able to unlock our chains and start moving forward toward success. We need to look forward to our children’s future. Beyond the mundane world of college education and to a place where they can become people of extreme empowerment and influence. If that of course is something they would desire as well. 

If you are wondering how to free your child from the shackles of society’s corrupted standards and how to find business ideas for kids, here are seven ways to empower your child as an entrepreneur!

  1. Know thy child. Really, that’s the first step. Learn about your children, their likes and dislikes and the things they dream to accomplish. Get down to their level and put yourself in their world! Become a child without becoming childish and learn to see the world through your child’s eyes. 
  2. Seek to enhance their God-given talents. The Lord has given all of us talents that we are naturally good at. Thus sit down and talk with your children to find out and discuss what their talents are and where they have natural gifts. Then together work on a plan to find ways of employing their gifts into becoming greater than ever before. 
  3. How do they use their free time? Find out what your children do in their free time and see how it can be used to enhance their abilities. 
  4. Bring new experiences into their daily lives. Within reason, get your child to move outside of her comfort zone and explore new activities and ideas that will be helpful in her advancement toward independence and a cunning knowledge. That wisdom will be applied as they grow and learn. Be like Bilbo and set off for adventure!    
  5. Know your tech. Train your children and yourself to be tech savvy with the internet and email marketing. Knowing how these things work will directly improve your child’s future capabilities in building his own business. 
  6. Books are your friend! Teach your children to keep records and how to organize through records on paper and on electronic devices. Being organized is crucial to running a business smoothly and with less stress. 
  7. Image is everything! Teach your children how to be well groomed and well dressed. This does not mean you have to put them in suits by any means. Simply teach them to take care of their personal appearance for that is the first thing they will be judged by in the business world within the first 60 seconds! Also teach them how to read body language and how to use it to their benefit. Knowing what someone is thinking during a deal or meeting is very powerful in helping you make the right decisions for the betterment of everyone involved.  

In conclusion these seven tips will help you get started in leading your child in the pursuit of not just working for the man but rising above the man and becoming their own person and rising far and beyond what normal people could ever imagine. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this article was of use to you. Go in God’s grace and may He be with you in all that you do! 

Nathen C. Creed is an author and acting development coach for AngelArts. He is the mastermind behind starting and running our enrichment programs such as Live Action Role Playing and creating our roleplaying curriculum.


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