Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Forty-Seven!

A little Bible Devotional tip–Enter His gates with praise (Psalm 100), so start your devotional with some praise songs. If you are a musician, this is a great way to worship Him with your art. If you are not a musician or even if you are, looking up praise songs on YouTube is a great resource.

Day Forty-Six

2 Chronicles 20:9

Bible Devotional Thoughts

If disaster strikes…

That seems to be the way of life. After all, the only certainty is there will be challenges. You lose a job, your parent becomes ill, a tornado strikes, you are flooded out…

We will stand…

No, we will not crumble. Or give up. Or lie down and take it. We will stand our ground.

Before the temple/in your presence…

We stand before the Holy of Holies, before His presence. We come to Him as people who are His temple. We don’t stand alone but with the people of God, His church. It’s your Holy Name that indwells in us and in the church.

And cry out to you in our affliction…

We ask for help. We know we can’t do this on our own. We know we need you.

And you will hear and save…

He does hear our cries and He does have a plan. We might not see it now, but He is working in the background orchestrating people and events. He is faithful and we can count on Him.

Application of Bible Devotional

Stand with your friends and/or family and ask for deliverance. Literally do this! We did that as a family the other day and it was powerful. We are starting to see the answers.


Dear Lord, when distress comes for us, we bring it before you and trust that you will hear us and deliver us. Amen.

Call to Action

One of the reasons I’m starting this Bible Devotional is to ask for others to intentionally pray for our business, AngelArts.

Pray that we will keep standing together as a team and that God would deliver us from some difficult challenges we are going through.

Would you like prayer? Please respond with a prayer request and our team will pray for you in our next staff meeting! We did this last night and it was such a blessing to us! And join the group so we can be reminded to pray for you on a regular basis!

And new! If you join the Prayer Team, we have created a private Discord channel where we can pray together! Discord is a great tool for connecting and much more secure than FB Messenger.

Would you like to be even more involved? Join our AngelArts Support Prayer Team! Click here to join today!

Has this message touched you today? Leave a comment and share what God is doing in your life and then share this blog to someone who needs this special touch by God!

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