Here is your Bible Devotional! Welcome to Day Twenty-Two!

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Day Twenty-Two

John 15:1-17

Bible Devotional Thoughts

Abide in Him. What does this mean?

A long time ago, after committing my life to Christ, I came across a booklet called My Heart, Christ’s Home. This little gem, along with the Bridge Illustration, changed my life.

Using the metaphor of your heart, soul, and body as the dwelling place for our Lord and Savior (because that is what happens) your inner being is like a home. It is home to Jesus.

So are you letting Him in, taking charge of more and more?

Without Him, we are like broken, empty houses rotting and collecting cobwebs.

I think of my porch right now, which has fallen into disrepair because we need to replace the rails. It is closed off and collecting dirt and cobwebs. It had been so badly neglected that evil spirits actually inhabited it at one time. How do I know this? Because I saw an orb outside my bedroom window one night, which looks out onto the porch.

You better believe we were out there cleaning it, mainly spiritually as we can’t do much until it’s repaired as it’s extremely dangerous right now.

In the same way, what spiritual cleaning needs to be done on the inside? The Holy spirit loves to take over every part of you. This is the sanctification process. He wants to do this for you, after all His blood cleanses you and His resurrection power gives you the strength to do it.

But you can’t do this on your own, without Him.

Now, in contrast to these dark neglected places of the soul are the places that are cleaned out. They are beautiful and glorifying to God.

I think about our sunroom that we just refurnished last Saturday. I found some couches at a bargain I couldn’t resist, in fact, couldn’t afford to pass up as our old couch had disintegrated. So we threw away the old and brought in the new. This caused us to empty the room, vacuum, dust the trim, wash the windows and clean all the furniture remaining.

We brought in an antique rug we had in our shed for a long time and then placed the new couch and other furnitures into a cozy, beautiful arrangement.

So now as I write this, I have much beauty and delight as I work, not to mention comfort! It’s made me want to work on long neglected projects like making window shades because I want to protect my investment.

So here’s the point–God invested in you and He dwells in you. It’s your decision whether you will fill that home with junk, trash, filth, darkness or if you will ask Him to take all that away, cleansing you and making His dwelling place into one of beauty, light, and fruitfulness.

Because that’s what glorifies Him and that’s the growth process of becoming a Blooming Original.

Application of Bible Devotional

Ask God for help in cleansing those dark neglected places in your soul.


Dear Lord, we pray Jesus’ prayer from so long ago. Help us to finish the work you have given us. Glorify Jesus in us. Help us to obey your commandments and that your love would richly, beautifully dwell in each party of us.

Call to Action

One of the reasons I’m starting this Bible Devotional is to ask for others to intentionally pray for our business, AngelArts.

Please pray I will be diligent in doing the tasks I need to do this week. Also, my son and I are going to a consultation about our sleep apnea that has the potential of completely solving this problem, which holds both of us back tremendously.

Would you like prayer? Please respond with a prayer request and our team will pray for you in our next staff meeting! We did this last night and it was such a blessing to us! And join the group so we can be reminded to pray for you on a regular basis!

And new! If you join the Prayer Team, we have created a private Discord channel where we can pray together! Discord is a great tool for connecting and much more secure than FB Messenger.

Would you like to be even more involved? Join our AngelArts Support Prayer Team! Click here to join today!

Has this message touched you today? Leave a comment and share what God is doing in your life and then share this blog to someone who needs this special touch by God!

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