Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy business so if you are startled by the headline, I hope it makes you think!
You see, sadly when becoming an entrepreneur many business owners don’t think they ARE worth the money. That’s a common struggle when becoming an entrepreneur. This stems from a lack of self confidence, which can ultimately lead to business failure.
Because if you don’t see the value in what you do, how are your prospects going to see the value in what you do? 
You have been given a unique set of gifts and skills. You have a unique perspective that will help others. I believe that every person has this potential and it is a gift from God.
The question is, are you using it or are you losing it? In other words, are you using your gifts and skills to provide needed products and services to your target market or are you hiding your gifts and talents because you don’t feel anyone would want them? When becoming an entrepreneur, this is something that needs to be understood.

I say this because I am speaking from experience. For many years, I thought that I didn’t matter. I thought that what I had to give to the world didn’t count, that no one wanted to hear it because I am “just a fat housewife.”

It was because I undertook “becoming an entrepreneur” that helped me grasp my negative thinking.

This “stinking thinking” kept me from reaching my goals. It held me back. Again and again I was disappointed because my lack of self-confidence blocked all my efforts. Becoming an entrepreneur is a chance to face the inner monsters within and learn how to overcome your deepest feelings of inadequacy.
Here is the truth: if you have done the research, if you have the expertise, if you have the knowledge and the passion, what you share has merit. It has value and importance. It has value and worth. And therefore you are WORTH the money.

And becoming an entrepreneur is definitely worth it!

Grasp this and you will have a sizzling brand and dazzling future!

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