You are a discerning business owner and you’re determined to not play small. And that includes your business plan. So now that you’ve got the text figured out, how can you present it professionally so it will stand out?

Here are 5 ways you can nail it when it comes to your business plan presentation:

1) Design a cover that has a “hook” headline and a compelling visual

You want an investor and/or stakeholder to take more than a glance at your business plan. The idea is to get them to actually read it! So write a benefit-driven headline that will draw the interest of your intended audience. And be sure to include a compelling photograph that will engage the reader even further. This can be.a stock photograph or illustration that visually represents your business or your own photograph that shows your business in action.

2) Use smart quotes instead of inch marks and foot marks

Serious designers know the difference. Isn’t investing in your company worth a little extra effort? Use smart quotes and you will stand out!

3) Less not more

Don’t forget that “white space” or margins is important. Let your publication breathe!

4) Include visual charts

Visual graphs and pie charts help the reader to understand numbers in a visual way. This is an extremely important aspect of creating a professional presentation. If your investors don’t understand your numbers you will get nowhere.

5) Choose a theme and be consistent

What do you want to communicate? Choose a visual theme to go along with that. And be consistent. If you capitalize the words in a headline, capitalize the words in every headline. If you use the Oxford Comma, use the Oxford Comma in every comma series you write.

I hope you found that helpful! Presenting your business plan professionally is an important step toward branding success!

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By Monster Ztudio

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