It’s Tammie, Dana’s team member.

You know your child better than anyone. You see the potential that they have. You wonder where in God’s creation it came from because neither you nor your spouse has any affinity for it. They amaze you every time you watch them in their element. It’s as if there is no one else in the world at that moment and time is standing still. It warms your heart to see something so beautiful, so natural, and so pure going on in their lives. YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT GOING!

And then, the quintessential question burns in your heart: HOW? Well, I might be able to help you with that!


Tailor your children’s educational coursework in that direction. This isn’t easy for younger children as it is for other ones, but it is doable. Look at special classes and special camps offered by your child’s school. For older children, look into vocational classes and tracks, clubs and organizations, and special camps.


Look into classes, workshops, and camps available for middle and high school students at area attractions, colleges, universities, and civic organizations. I have one client whose daughter attends classes at their local art college on Saturday, during school breaks, and during the summer. Organizations such as the scouts, the YMCA, and others may have programs that your child might benefit from.


For my homeschooling parents, look into co-ops and tutorials in your area. Check with your state and local homeschool group for activities. Also look for curricula specifically geared toward your child’s particular skill.


Get some shadowing in. In other words, find someone who is doing the same thing your child is and arrange a get together. Hands on experience won’t hurt one bit!

Whichever situation you may find yourself in, it’s important to harness and channel your child’s passions into something useful and productive! This is one of the many objectives of Dana’s Family Economy curriculum. One of the first things she asks you to do is identify your strengths, right? Well, this is the exact reason why. God has given your child unique talents that He wants them to use! And, what better way than coupled with the spirit of entrepreneurship!

Endeavor to light the fire that is in the heart of your child. May the blaze that grows from it be beautiful!

Are you ready to start your Family Economy? Click here now to get started! The sooner you invest in you and your family economy, the sooner you will see the rewards!

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