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Is your son or daughter enthralled with Lord of the Rings or Narnia and RPG gaming? Are you looking to bring creativity back into your homeschooling and adventure in your lives? Do your kids love gaming, sci-fi, role playing?

Is Your Son or Daughter Feeling Lonely, Purposeless, Adrift, especially in the aftermath of 2020 and beyond? Are your children suffering from depression from these challenges? Do they feel isolated, bored, and like they have nowhere to belong? Are you struggling to find a program that will balance their needs for fun, education, socialization, and PE? Do you have an autistic son or daughter that wants to meet new friends but doesn’t fit into the “normal” enrichment program? Are you looking for an in-person social opportunity where your kids will get plenty of exercise and sunshine?

Then you have found the right place!


We are doing our program differently this Spring as we recover not only from the COVID lockdowns but a family crisis that happened last November and we’re still recovering from.

Explorers LARPing Club Spring 2021 Starting March 4. Ditch Battling, Weapons Making & Crafts, Live Action Role Playing, Narrative Role Playing, Acting Games Classes near Uintah and 19th Street in Colorado Springs, CO. See dates below.

EDUCATIONAL AND FUN! Make new friends! Medieval Fantasy. Improvisational drama practice. Immersive Learning. Improves mental wellbeing and academic performance especially in writing!

For kids age 12 and up. Call 719-212-8977 for kids ages 7-11. Parents of the younger ages MUST be present during program times for at least the first three times until the child’s behavior is proven to be reliable. We’re limited to 10 participants and spots are filling up so act fast!

Get involved in active game playing and building friendships!

Special Needs Kids More than Welcome and Encouraged!

How Will Your Kid Benefit?

Building friendships and creating community • Overcoming shyness and social anxiety • Finding a place where your child feels like he/she belongs, especially important for a child with Autism or a struggling learner • Participating in fun activities that the whole family can be involved in • Making swords and other weapons and crafts • Learning to sword fight • Practicing creative writing • Participating in acting games and learning important acting skills that will lay a foundation of success for a lifetime • Encouraging one another to follow God’s best for our lives • Hearing God’s Word and lessons that are relevant to their lives • Increasing creativity and imagination • Improving skills such as writing, focus, public speaking, etc. • Gaining confidence

About AngelArts Enrichment Programs

Dana Susan Beasley, homeschool mother and curriculum author, along with her son, Sam, will lead this extraordinary club that will bring excitement and friendship to homeschooling teens in the Colorado Springs area.

This is not just an extra-curricular program. Our enrichment club is an integrated learning experience that combines physical education, drama, arts and crafts, creativity, fun, and friendship.

We will be facilitating the LARPing experience through our own fantasy world. Along with that, students will have the opportunity to learn about improv acting, make swords and other weapons, and create medieval accessories and projects.

We will also be acting out parables at each class/event and doing a short Bible lesson led by Mrs. Beasley.


To provide Christ-centered and character based Live Action Role Playing, battle skirmish physical education, arts and crafts experiences, immersive history, and drama games, practice, and lessons.

What are the details?

  • Enrichment club meetings to include PE (ditch battling, drills, and sword fighting), Bible lessons, arts and crafts, role playing (both live and narrative), character development, acting, creative writing, and more. See dates below.
  • These classes can count as PE, history, literature, English composition, drama, and arts. You can add to our enrichment program with your own unit studies and of course the hours count as credits and school hours!
  • Includes Christ-centered teachings given by Mrs. Beasley based on the Parables of Christ. We will also act these out in a brief skit.
  • Access to our Player’s Handbook for LARPing and ANR, Character Analysis Sheets, etc.
  • This Spring our program will look different. All times are 2-4 pm.
  • March 4 will start with a sword making class and ditch battling.
  • March 13 will be a LARPing event including ditch battling.
  • March 18 will be our ANR (Advanced Narrative Roleplaying, an alternative to Dungeons & Dragons) time and ditch battling.
  • April 1 (weapons building), April 10 (LARPing event), April 15 (ANR), May 1 (LARPing event).
  • You can buy an All Event ticket for $70 and save money!
  • For ages 12 through 18. Younger kids accepted on a case by case basis. Parents of younger kids must be present until a proven track record of behavior is established for younger kids. We are not babysitters but play facilitators..
  • Players limited to 10 students. Available on a first come first serve basis. Parents can sign up their children via EventBrite.
  • Receive our Player’s Handbooks and character sheets via email upon signing up for one of our events.
  • $25 fee for crafting events, $15 fee for LARPing and ANR events. $5 discount given for returning participants.
  • Location for Classes and LARPing events: Mrs. Beasley’s house near 19th & Uintah. Upon signing up, Mrs. Beasley will send you the exact location.
  • A waiver form, COVID form, and photo release form must be signed by parent or guardian before attending events. This can be signed in person at the events.
  • If a snowstorm forces the closure of our club (we will follow District 11 decisions regarding this), we will reschedule events to the best of our ability.
  • Every effort will be made to make this a safe environment. Rules will be enforced with a “retreat” policy until children are ready to behave respectfully. No bullying or name calling or unwholesome talk will be tolerated. Respect is our core value in our group. Hard hitting with LARPing weapons is not allowed, neither is spinning or acting out in rage or hostility. Threatening behavior such as threatening to kill will result in immediate dismissal.
  • We will make common sense efforts to discourage the spread of COVID through smart practices such as disinfecting and washing hands frequently. Children must be well to participate. Masks discouraged during exercise.

Who is directing this club?

Mompreneur Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, a Creative Arts Agency, Publishing House, and Enrichment Programs is the program director.
  • Has a heart for the Great Commission and impacting lives for Christ. Has a special place in her heart for special needs kids and teens.

  • Homeschool mom since 2008 and teacher in one capacity or another for over 20 years, including positions as camp counselor

  • Creative and loves to help teens and adults reach for God’s best in their lives

  • Lifelong enthusiast of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and hobby fantasy writer. Her ambition is to publish a fantasy book! She created her own world and language when she was a teen.
  • Mrs. Beasley spent her childhood LARPing but didn’t know that it was called that! She and her friends used to “play Narnia” in the mesa behind her house. She then taught her oldest nieces and nephews how to LARP and those nieces and nephews taught their younger cousins/siblings, including her nephew Nate, who is our coach. It is a family tradition!

Sam Beasley, Man at Arms

  • Inventor of LARPing weapons and accessories.
  • Historical afficianado
  • Experienced working with children in our LARPing and summer camps
  • Deep love for Lord of the Rings and Narnia which he grew up reading and watching.
  • Map Maker
  • Loves live action play and ditch battling.
  • Knowledgeable about sword play and drills and experienced teaching it.
  • Love for the Lord.

Our Statement of Faith

We strive to be a Christ-centered homeschooling club. That means we will do our best to bring the love of Jesus into everything we do. He loves all people, so all are welcome. We just ask that you respect our beliefs as we aim ourselves to respect all that God brings our way.
Click here to read our Statement of Faith.

To enroll in the class and reserve your spot, sign up for the event by clicking on the button below. You will be taken to EventBrite where you can register. Limited to 10 participants and will be available on a first come first serve basis.

You can also contact Mrs. Beasley with any questions at explorershomeschoolcoop@gmail.com or 719-212-8977.

What if I want to cancel?

We have limited availability. If you are unable to make it, please call Dana at 719-212-8977 to see if accommodations can be made. A 24 hour notice must be given otherwise no refund will be given.

What if the event is full?

Email Dana at explorershomeschoolcoop@gmail.com and she will put you on a waiting list if there is a cancellation.

What about COVID?

The utmost precautions will be taken. Safety of your children is our chief concern. It is YOUR responsibility as a parent to make sure your child is not sick when attending our programs and that they do not have a temperature. When in doubt, stay home and we’ll find another time your child can be involved.

Are you ready to enroll?

Click on the link below:

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Helping Special Needs Children Excel through Creative Expression

One aspect we love about our program is that we get to help children with special needs overcome challenges and excel through creative expression. Some of the wonderful stories include a child who overcame aggression issues, children who made friends, and children who went from not being able to write a sentence to writing novels!

Would you like to become a sponsor?

Email Dana at info@angelarts.biz for more information. We’re looking for sponsors for our club and camp to help our families with costs and scholarships.

News & Updates

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Contact us today to find out more information about our Explorers LARPing Creativity Club.

Mailing address: 3107 West Colorado Avenue #303

Call Us: (719) 212-8977

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