Have you forgotten how to play, especially with your kids?

Playing with kids is an important activity for parenting and homeschooling. But let’s face it. We as adults have spent too much time “adulting” and have forgotten how to play! Here are 11 ideas to help you incorporate play into your life and school.

1. Spray shaving cream into a cookie sheet and have your child trace letters and shapes.
2. Draw an addition or multiplication table on a shower curtain. Blow up some balloons, tape them to some of the squares, and then throw out equations. Have your child shoot the balloons with an airsoft gun.
3. With a marker or crayon, write letters of a word on your spelling list on individual, colorful construction paper. Put it on the floor. Have your child do hopscotch on them. Then mix it up! Put them out of order and your child has to hop on the paper in the correct order!

Sensory Integration Therapy
4. Get some used office chairs and have a chair race on a concrete floor in your house if you have one. If you don’t have a concrete floor, spin your child around and around in an office chair.
5. Put a bunch of different foods into some tubs—pasta, Cheerios, rice, etc. Blindfold your child and have them feel the food and guess what it is.
6. Get a couple of balance boards and have a contest to see who can balance the best.

Physical Exercise
7. Make an obstacle course in your yard. Used tires, a board for balancing, a play tunnel for crawling in, and cones to wind around in. Have a contest to see who can go through it the latest.
8. Make boffer swords and have a sword-fighting tournament.
9. For older kids, go “Squatching” or “Bigfooting.” Believe me, this will bond you as a family!

Just for Fun!
10. Turn your house into an escape room. There are many pre-made scenarios available online!
11. Do some old-fashioned dances like the Bunny Hop!

I hope this helps you remember how to play and you have a fantastic time as a family!

And let me know in the comments YOUR favorite way to play with your kids!

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