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Blessings Journal Set

This devotional set will inspire and uplift and be that perfect gift for that person looking to find blessings in their lives. Includes 31-Day Blessings Journey which features a step by step quiet time guide, and a pretty bullet journal to help keep track of blessings, prayer requests, Scripture, and more.



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We value creativity and originality! All our inspirational art and products are made by writers, artisans, and artists. We believe that art can lift up, encourage, and motivate–especially reaching out to the linely, the ailing, the imprisoned, the marginalized. We are a network of aspiring artists who want to re-birth excellence in arts, ultimately bringing diverse groups of people closer to the Original Creator of Art.


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Pick Up This Gem!

“This devotional has chock-full of tidbits for each day. It is concise, easy to read, the Kindle version has links to worship music (not all but the suggestion is there if you choose to locate it – think interactive), is thought provoking, is interactive (journaling, discussion questions, has kid activities, links for further study), and it is scripturally based. I am listening to the Day 1 worship suggestion, “Open the Eyes of my Heart” sung by Philips, Craig & Dean as I write this review. I also noticed with kindle, each word is linked to “Dictionary.com” for the meaning. Just highlight the word and a pop-up with definition appears. Neat feature to have. You can use the left/right arrows on the keyboard to flip your pages or use the page up/page down buttons. On the desktop version, you can even click and journal right on the spot. I would assume it would be the same for the Kindle version. Pick up this gem and be blessed!”

Live Blessed, Not Stressed

Live blessed, not stressed. The devotions in this book are such wonderful lessons we all need to remember. I highly recommend this book and am very much looking forward to reading more content from this author.

See Daily Blessings in Each Day and Find Comfact Amid Chaos

Wanted something to hold me accountable to daily prayer and Bible Study, so purchased this book as a start. From Day 1 I felt blessed. Dana provides thought-provoking devotionals and readings that get you observing your lifestyle and how the Lord works each day to guide you down His path. You start looking at things with greater gratitude, blessing and insight, and through your meditation and study you learn more about what Christ is doing in your life. Then you begin seeing Him in your all your daily activities and see His blessings outpoured in Grace. I recommend this to anyone seeking to learn more about Christ, about His Grace, and about how He showers you with blessings in every circumstance, including changes circumstances to provide, protect, and prosper you through His Promises.

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