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Brand Identity Quest Tutorial Lesson Series

Learn how to make a brand that sizzles through my self-paced study course. You will receive 14 weeks of graphic design and marketing lessons carefully constructed to guide you step by step in developing your brand image. Plus, you will come away with a strategic brand strategy you can implement immediately.

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Your Guidebook to a Thriving Economy for Authors and Writers

Are you an aspiring or established author or writer? You, too, need business knowledge, marketing know-how, and a brand! This manual and workbook will help you as a writer define your business, make sound marketing choices, and prepare yourself to stand out from the editor’s slush pile. If you want to got the self-published route, it gives you solid ideas to pursue this path as well. If you are serious about becoming successful, then don’t bypass basic fundamentals that you need to know. That is what I have included in this information-packed home study course specifically customized for authors and writers!

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Homeschooling Resources

Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy

Your high school student can learn how to start a business from the ground up. This manual and workbook will lead your teen in the process of building a successful business and teach him to become an entrepreneur. Meant for the whole family, this curriculum can help anyone who is serious about creating financial freedom by tapping into their God-given talents and callings. You will get step-by-step knowledge on how to start a business, DIY graphic design secrets that you will not get anywhere else, and encouragement for your future based on God’s Word and promises for your lives. It’s something you can use over and over again for each business, project, and family member. The whole course can easily be fit within two semesters and includes ideas for further study in the workbook. Now available at an introductory price!

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Poetry Decoded

Now you can discover the secrets of poets! Unlock them today through this expansive study that will help your students thoroughly understand poetry, both for reading and writing. Includes many extras like notebooking pages, essay forms, and classical poet lesson plans. Here is one satisfied parent’s comment: “I've used this resource for the guided, in-depth examination of poetry required by my older students. Graphic guides make this e-book inclusive to all learning abilities. I'm always on the look-out for materials that will help my more mature students overcome their language challenges with learning disabilities. This resource is a gem.”

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Seed of Love Art & Poetry Expanded Unit Study

Learn poet secrets and expand your children’s language arts‘ skills! Your children will learn how to effectively write poetry through over 40 activities, a reading comprehension program, over 20 notebooking pages, and much more!


    Plus, your advanced student will study classical poetry while learning college-level aspects of this important art form.

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Patriot Day Poetry Unit Study

Teach your kids the importance of remembering 9/11 through this poetry unit study. Your children will also learn how to write free verse poetry through exclusive tips. Also, includes over 20 suggested activities in multiple subject areas.


    This poem features an original poem by the founder of AngelArts combined with original artwork by her son.

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Inspirational Resources

Becoming God’s Bride Topical Bible Study

Become more intimate with Christ through this topical Bible study and learn how to apply the principles learned to your most important relationships.


    This study will help you learn how to study the Bible for yourself and is suitable for married women, single women, and teenage girls.

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Fall in Love with Jesus through this Interactive Devotional

Be inspired to follow Jesus with whole-hearted devotion! This interactive devotional has an extensive reading plan, practical ideas for a blessed quiet time, and encouragement to apply what you’ve learned to your daily life.


    Fall in love with Jesus today!

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Becoming God’s Bride Bundle Offer

Get the Bible study and devotional together for a low price!

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